Socialist Party Eulogises Omojola

The Socialist of Nigeria (SPN) has described the life of late Baba Omojola Oluwide as an inspiration to both the young and the .

“Baba’s engagement the politics and social issues Nigeria an inspiration to both the and the young. He helped and inspired the civil rights movement as well as political formations. He an engaging Marxist and revolutionary socialist who took practical steps to effect the principles our economy and politics”, it said.

a statement signed by Chairman of its Publicity Committee, Professor Idowu Awopetu and 27 other , the SPN said,“He lived a life of service. Throughout his 60 years of struggle, he others not only in talking about the many ills confronting the Nigerian nation – the sorry state of government and politics, the plight of the working people, an economy run for the rich and powerful, the breakdown of social values but actively involved in the struggle to ensure that the situation reversed”.

While describing Omojola as “one of its leading lights of the revolutionary movement” in Nigeria, the said though the late nationalist and campaigner for social justice, liberty and democracy was “sad and disappointed, he remained undaunted to the end. He was constant in the protests and demonstrations against unpopular government policies. He
was a fighter, a campaigner for social, political and economic justice an unshakeable belief in the viability of the Nigerian state”.

“Baba was a consummate debater and a patient listener, a dogged mobilise and organiser and a good mixer. He had a sharp sense of humour which he often deployed to defuse heated debates. He worked for change and his generation taught us how valuable dissent is to democracy and accountable governance”, the SPN said.

Omojola, 75, a foremost Economist, Marxist and Revolutionary Socialist and advocate of a Sovereign National Conference, died last Saturday in Akure, Ondo State, where he had gone to present a memorandum to the National Dialogue Steering Committee.

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