Snipers:Apologize to Al-Mustapha -South East group tells Fani-Kayode

AlmustaphaThe South East Youth Congress has called on former Minister of Aviation, Mr Femi Fani-Kayode to apologize to Major Hamza Al Mustapha,former chief security officer to late Head of State,General Sani Abacha.If he fails to heed their call, the group said it would recommend the ex minister be dragged before Okija shrine or a hospital

In a press release emailed to Newsdiaryonline after what it said was a meeting in Enugu on February 22nd , the group said “the Congress agreed that Femi Fani Kayode must apologize to Hamza Almustapha within two weeks of this publication. Failure to that(sic) congress unanimously agreed to recommend Fani Kayode to Okija shrine or a good traditional behavioural modification hospital.”

Though the press release did not specify what Fani-Kayode’s real offence was, Newsdiaryonline learnt that the group may be responding to comments credited to Fani-Kayode in the heat of the controversy over alleged training of snipers by the Goodluck Jonathan regime.Former President Olusegun in an 18-page open letter accused Jonathan of training snipers to tackle 1000 people on political watch list.

At a press conference during a visit to Kano not long ago ,Fani-Kayode reportedly said “There is no harm in asking questions. Al-Mustapha should tell us what he was in North Korea for. Who sent him there? Iam just asking questions. We have our sources of getting all information. We are waiting to hear coherent and clear answers”
The former minister who said “Obasanjo is too busy for Al-Mustapha” , also added “Was he in North Korea to show them the list of 1000 people. I am just asking questions”

The group which appears angry with former minister also appealed the former CSO “not to be distracted by the ranting of people like Fani Kayode who had the shameless boldness to (dabble) into issues that did not concern him”.

The press release signed by Ofodile Ugochukwu, said the “Congress holistically backed Major Almustapha peace initiative and his commitment to National Unity and development through dialoging with ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria. His idea of finding a way to come together in Nigeria and realize that the responsibility we have to one another is greater than the pursuit of any tribal ideological agenda.

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