Sinovac vaccine 80% effective against COVID-19-related death – Chilean gov’t study

he Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine developed by China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltd 80 per cent effective against death the , a recent real-world study in Chile has shown.

The Sinovac vaccine also 67 per cent effective in symptomatic infection, 85 per cent effective in hospitalisations, and 89 per cent effective in patients entering intensive units, according to the study released by the Chilean government on Friday.

Rodrigo Yanez, Chile’s vice trade minister who forged a deal with Sinovac to host the clinical trial of the vaccine, told the media the data showed Chile had made “the right bet.”

Speaking to Reuters, Yanez said, “It’s a game changer for vaccine and I think it ratifies quite graphically the discussion over efficacy.” (Xinhua/NAN)