Shun vote-buying, church leader advises politicians

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Dr Timothy Odedele, General Leader, Cherubim and Seraphim Church Movement, on Saturday advised politicians against vote buying in the 2019 elections.

Speaking at the inauguration of the church’s new cathedral in Lagos, the religious leader urged politicians to allow electorates to vote according to their conscience.

“It is unfortunate that some political aspirants buy their votes into political positions.

“That is why when they get into office, they work towards recouping the money they spent to win the election at the detriment of the populace.

“This must stop for the country to have credible elections. People should be allowed to vote according to their conscience,” Odedele said.

Also speaking, Deji Sebiotimo, another cleric, urged political and religious leaders to lead by example by following the examples of Jesus Christ.

Sebiotimo said that leaders should demonstrate humility with an impassioned heart towards serving, and not be discouraged by the time and efforts it took to get the position.

He commended the congregation for successful completion of the church building and advised youths against being used as destructive instrument to cause violence during and after the elections.

“It is irrational to sell your conscience or vote for money and suffer for the next four years.

“The only legitimate expectation leaders can put on people for following them is when they are following the example of Christ,” he said. (NAN)

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