Shettima Urges Military To Remain focused On Insurgents

Borno State Governor, Kashim Shettima has called on the military and other security agencies involved in the fight against insurgency to remain focused on the Boko Haram insurgents who are enemies of Nigerian State and never allow any distractions come their way as the nation matches towards the 2015 general elections.

A statement by Isa Gusau the governor’s media aide quoted Shettima to have  given his reaction to the reported extension of emergency rule in three states thus:

“No election in Nigeria should be worth the live of a single Nigerian, I am sure the Nigerian military knows this and is doing everything possible to safeguard lives and property even though in the face of challenges. The 2015 general elections is a major factor that all stakeholders especially security agencies must be very wary of so that we don’t lose focus for a minute. The ultimate ambition of insurgents all over the world is to defeat constitutional governance and common sense to introduce violence which has no respect for human lives. So, why political parties and politicians get involved in sometimes desperate struggles for power, we should be very thoughtful to realize the need to keep our security agencies focused on the fight against insurgency and not make them loose focus and by that, give room for our common enemies, the insurgents, to extend their violence.

Continuing, Shettima said “ We should be human enough to remember that whereas some of us in position of authority and those with connections here and there may have security details attached which would make us less or not vulnerable to being direct victims of insurgency onslaught, there are indeed many citizens of ours who would become directly attacked should we as leaders and security agencies lose focus on fighting insurgents. We must be godly enough to know that for every single successful attack effected by insurgents, innocent citizens are either killed or subjected to severe sufferings which include turning them into displaced persons in their own States. We should be reasonable to manage our interests in such a manner that what we seek to achieve by 2015 doesn’t threaten the lives of others who may not have even felt what holding political offices  offer in their many years of existence. We have a sacred duty as leaders and members of political parties and other institutions, of ensuring that we protect and preserve the sanctity of our security agencies, which is this era, is to help defend the overall citizens from the pains insurgents desire to viciously inflict on all of us.

He noted that ,“The Nigerian military has remained focused so far but we must all allow it to remain as such. If not for the military, other security agencies and determined civilian volunteers,  insurgents would perhaps have occupied the most of our territories in Borno and other areas. The military must not only preserve the existence of those we week to lead when we win elections in 2015 but must be allowed to do so. Who do we lead if insurgents succeed over our citizens and occupy our territories? Of what essence will our positions of authority even be without those to be led. Processes towards the 2015 elections are no doubt a legitimate democratic steps towards our constitutional transition but as leaders and those in position in influence, we must pursue such legitimate democratic processes with the right attitude and values, important of which should be to encourage our security agencies to remain focused on the enemy that threatens our collective existence. I am optimistic that with the right focus, the patriotism of our security agencies and volunteers, the continued commitment of those in position of authority to keep providing the right tools and boots, we can together defeat insurgents and liberate ourselves of their evil intentions. For us in Borno State, we are focused on continuing our unflinching support for the military, the police, other security agencies and our youth volunteers because we never forget for a single day, that the 2015 elections would amount to absolutely nothing if insurgents succeed over Borno and its people. The safety of our people and their continued existence are more paramount to us than being in power. I do not have doubts about the sincerity of Mr President in seeking an extension to make it easier for our security agencies to continue their services to our father land and I think an extension is reasonable in the circumstance we have found ourselves much as it also reasonable to take stock of what previous declarations have achieved.

The governor said “No democratic government would wish to have military men roaming its streets with armoured tanks. However, we are very much aware that in most guerrilla warfares, insurgents sometime dictate the pace because they can disguise and pretend to be friends whereas the security agencies are by their systems, known so they can be identified by citizens. I have strong hope that Borno will get out of this situation just I have for the Nigerian State. The problem is however how long it takes and those who suffer while it lasts. This is why we must make common sense sacrifices as leaders, political party members and those in position of influence to help our military and security agencies to remain focused and not to make the slightest attempts of diverting their attention for whatever reason we seek to achieve. We must at the end never fail to remember that no matter how long, we would be required to give accounts of how best we managed our influences, whether we blindly limited our thoughts to our individual and group goals or we used our influences for our people who entrusted us with rights to decide their fates. We owe them the right to live”.