Sheikh Albani,wife,son shot dead by unknown gunmen

(Photo:Sheikh Albani,from Sunday Trust)

Tragedy struck in Zaria,Kaduna state Friday night as Sheikh Muhammad Auwal Adam Albani was shot dead by yet to be identified gunmen.His wife and one of his children ,Abdullahi were also killed Sunday Trust has reported.
The report said “After they were shot and their assailants had disappeared, a young man had gone to the scene to examine their condition, to discover that Sheikh Albani was still alive. The Good Samaritan was the one who took them to the hospital in Sheikh Albani’s car for emergency attention, but they couldn’t survive.”
Albani was a renowned critic of the violent Islamic sect Boko Haram.In an earlier interview,Albani told Daily Trust, “My belief is that Muslims must engage in the acquisition of western education known as ‘Boko’. If we can have youths that have mastered the jurisprudence of Islam, who are as well vast in western education, it is likely that in the future we would have leaders that would imbibe the fear of Allah in everything they do.
“It is this belief that made me to now go back to school to pursue my M.Sc. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I am doing this because I know that Islam needs this education that I am pursuing. For me, this is why Boko is compulsory on all Muslims.
“We have good example in the present leadership of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where combination of Boko and Islamic education led to the emergence of good leaders. We now have a unique situation in ABU where the university is being driven by people who have the combination of Islamic and western education, and we are witnessing a significant change in the administration and development of the university. This is what Nigeria needs; leaders with fear of Allah”Albani said.

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