They shall Die One by One! By Tola Adeniyi

“They shall die! Their children shall die! Their grand children shall die. Die! Die! Die! All of them, one by one. One after the other!” Torrents of curses continued to pour out of the mouth of Oboronsanga, mother of Oklamaya, one of the unfortunate children murdered by the Federal Government of Nigeria at Abuja.
“They shall not know peace here on earth. And when they die, their bodies shall be fed to hungry fishes in the Ocean. They shall die wretched. All the money they stole so that they could continue to oppress fellow Nigerians shall be their Nemesis. They shall be pursued in their dreams by dragons. Shrouded spirits otherwise known as masquerades shall pursue them in their sleep. Lions, Tigers, Baboons and monkeys shall pursue them as soon as they lay their heads on their ill-gotten pillows. They shall die! None of their children will know peace! Their grandchildren shall be lunatics. Terrible diseases shall be their portion” Oboronsanga continued in her wild curses.
She was inconsolable. Every passer-by stopped to listen to her wild soliloquy. Of course she was not the only one in the vicinity raining curses. It was like a harvest of curses. Several mothers were lamenting the untimely death of their loved ones, slaughtered by the rudderless government that had taken Nigerians for a ride these past 15 years.
The story was that some idiots in government chose to direct over 25 million jobless youths in Nigeria to seek employment with the Nigerian Immigration Service, and for such hapless Nigerians to get job, they must gather for some silly test at several designated sites. The crazy organisers were aware that multitudes of applicants would troop to these centres and that was why they chose stadia throughout the land for the carnage they knew would ensue.
Most of the unfortunate applicants were pitiable youths who had graduated from universities and polytechnics. It was gathered that the organisers of this mad murder may have made over 560 million Naira from the one thousand Naira Application fee that was extorted from the unfortunate deprived Nigerians.
It was also gathered that the Nigerian Immigration Service leaders actually contracted out the whole arrangement so that some gluttons could make fortune from the misfortune of Nigerian youths wallowing in poverty in the labour market.
“All the people involved in the mass murder of these children in whom several parents had invested shall die agonising deaths”. Adurogidigbi Alayabiagba also joined in raining curses. Her only daughter Torimiro who graduated 5 years ago was one of the victims of the nation’s maladministration.
“Vultures shall pluck off their eyes. They shall be blind twenty years before their miserable end. Their wives and husbands shall know no peace. Their children shall spend all their adult life in prison. They shall become heroine and cocaine addicts. All the money stolen shall be inherited by unknown persons!” Alayabiagba was about out-doing Oboronsanga.
“They don’t understand any other language. They are already accursed. A tribe of deaf and dumb united in the looting of Nigeria. But they shall have no peace for the rest of their lives. The blood of the innocent cruelly shed at the stadia shall hunt them and their successive generations up till 50th generation. No hiding place. No redemption.” A bearded angry man was also screaming blue murder. His pregnant young wife and his only sister were among those murdered by the bungling government.
“All those who brought Nigeria down to its knees shall suffer unimaginable perdition. All of them who cornered Nigeria’s wealth and turned common patrimony to their personal property shall be stricken by the God of Thunder, even in dry season. Small pox shall make their homes their home. Chicken pox shall eat up their skins. Their levers shall perforate. All their organs shall collapse on the day of their undeserved glory”. Dan Kitaba was crying himself hoarse. He too had been unemployed for 7 years. He lost his job to some bogus retrenchment exercise in the Civil Service. His pregnant wife, now killed, who made a first class in Petroleum Engineering was his only hope.
“And yet they ride in porch cars, fly private jets, own exotic houses in South Africa, Dubai, the US and Europe. Our universities are in a sorry state. All the roads had collapsed. No electricity. No water. No job. No life. And yet a very negligible few who should have been rawlingsed or mengistued are turning life to hell on earth for the vast majority” Lamented Dan Kitaba, who was almost tempted to invite the Military to take over power.

I did not know what to make of what was running through my mind. I thought I should intervene and speak to the grieving men and women, but they were by far too angry to lend anyone their ears.
I thought of my university days. I remembered my days in the Secondary school when I led my fellow students to demonstrate round town condemning an ambitious teacher who wanted to be Principal through the back door. We ran him out of town and made sure our Englishman Principal stayed.
The youths of my generation would have trooped out all over the country in uncontrollable anger to show the rudderless government that this was it! Enough is enough!
But today’s youths are a sorry case. They still want 80 year-old Soyinka to fight for them. They are waiting for 87 year-old Constitutional lawyer Nwabueze to carry cudgel to Gani Fawehimni Freedom Park. They are waiting for Dr Braithwaite and fiery Barrister Tunde Bakare, the last man standing, to fight their cause! May be they are planning to exhume Tai Solarin’s body from the grave or invoke the spirit of Adaka Boro and Saro Wiwa to rescue them from annihilation!
As I write this, my mind is steadied on my forthcoming 1500-page book titled Nigeria: A Nation of Idiots which chronicles why Nigeria is beyond rescue and may end up some day dead, because the entire citizenry of Nigeria are the most timid, most stupid, and slavish on the surface of Planet Earth. Kick Nigerian in the butts, he will turn his stomach to you to stamp your jackboot on.
Slap Nigerian in one eye, and he will voluntarily pluck out his second eye and hand it over to you as a souvenir of his cowardice.
Sorry, those curses will not change anything. They did not prevent Madam Powder face from taking her bullet-proof limousines with her!

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