Senate to suspend plenary next week as budget defence begins

MDAs to strictly to deadline
By Haruna Salami
Senate has resolved to suspend plenary next Tuesday after consideration of the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB to enable Committees commence of the 2021 budget estimates by Ministries, Departments and Agencies of .
Senate President, Lawan this known after the Senate passed for second reading the 2021 Appropriations Bill presently before the National Assembly.
Lawan informed MDAs that the upper chamber’s deadline for budget not exceed the first week of November 2020.
He therefore urged all ministers and heads of agencies to avail themselves of the window provided for of their respective budgets, particularly in line with President Muhammadu Buhari’s directive.
“On Tuesday next week, we will be taking the debate on the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB. This will be the last function that we do in plenary.
“We will suspend plenary on Tuesday for the budget defence processes to start immediately.
“Last year, President Muhammadu Buhari, gave specific orders that no minister or chief executive should travel out of the country or anywhere else, without defending the budget of his or or agency.
“I’m sure that directive has remained in the clouds, in fact, the President even repeated a serious one in his address to us at the retreat; that all ministers and heads of agencies of must come to defend the budget in person.
“So, we are waiting for them from next week. Unlike last year, we have a programme which will take the remaining part of October and the first week of November.
“This will be the only window, and nobody should assume that after this period, a minister or any head of agency will come to the National Assembly to defend any budget.
“If any is not able to defend its budget by the first week of November, then that should forget about coming to the National Assembly for budget defense”, he said.