Senate confirms Sani Adam as INEC Commissioner, passes harmonised PIB

By Haruna Salami

The Senate Thursday passed the harmonised version of the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB.

This followed the receipt and consideration of the Senate Committee Independent Electoral Commission, INEC by the Chairman, Kabiru Gaya.

It will be recalled that that the of Adam was stepped down of petitions against him. But Thursday, Kabiru Gaya told the Senate that his Committee has received more information, particularly his retirement which the petitioner allegedly called “dismissal”.

that basis his nomination was confirmed by the Senate.

Petroleum Industry Bill, the Leader of the Senate, Yahaya Abubakar presented the Conference Committee that harmonised the version passed by the Senate with that passed by the House of Representatives.

Senator Thompson’s plea that the be considered clause to afford him the opportunity to revisit the clause the 3 per cent for Host Trust Fund, was rejected.

Therefore, the was passed amidst protest by some members who fall short of walking out.

However, in the House of Representatives, this led to sharp disagreement between the members that only took the quick resort to closed session to save the day.

Currently the Electoral Act (Amendment) Bill is under clause by clause consideration amidst very tensed atmosphere, with senators shouting at each other.