Senate Committee on Army lauds treatment, care on wounded soldiers

The Senate Committee on Army has lauded the medical  treatment on wounded soldiers at the 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna.

The soldires were wounded by insurgents during the fight against terrorists.

Sen. Abdu Kwari, a member of the committee, who visited the hospital, said the committee was encouraged by the care given to the wounded soldiers.






“From what I have seen, I have seen something is akin to a first class treatment and care for these wounded soldiers.

“First, we want to appreciate our fallen heroes and those of them have fought in the field and are still alive.

“I am here on behalf of the Senate Committee on Army to visit these facilities have long history; it is the reference hospital of other reference hospitals around the country.

“It is in peculiar position as one housing the highest number of wounded personnel from our various battlefields.








“We thought we be here to see and appreciate the management of the facility and the gallant men and women among them have been brought here for care.

“The surroundings are kept very neat and also the people being cared for are well catered for and we have seen various facilities and spoken to some of them and they are appreciative of how they are adequately being cared for,” he said.

Kwari implored the hospital to continue its best for the wounded soldiers.

“Some of them who are as young as 20 years have got their limbs completely gone, some have their legs broken and shattered.







“What is important here is to note bullets wounds are not the same as other wounds being treated in our conventional hospitals.

“The processes in this facility is good and we hope at the end of it, those being cared for in this facility will come out better,” the senator said.

Kwari also appreciated the rehabilitation efforts in the facility, which was meant for the men to go back to full life after treatment.








According to him, the senate will review existing laws on workers to ensure those whose productive lives are truncated as result of their involvement in wars get full compensation in line with global best practices.







“I will try to see how we can urge our colleagues to come on board and see how we can adequately compensate our young men and women who fight battles on our behalf,” he said.

Kwari also said the funding for the military would  be sustained, including funds for more reference hospitals.

“Developing references hospitals such as this will cost money and if the provisions are there, we will welcome it.








“We will continue to give our support and appeal to our colleagues for the budget to be reviewed upward from time to time.

“There is to be a review of the budget sometimes in the year, is the essence of seeing these facilities and then we make our case,* he added.

Earlier, the acting Medical Director of the hospital, Col. Augustine Omogbethai, explained the of Army Staff had approved more equipment worth millions of naira for effective service delivery in the facility.









He said the hospital was doing everything necessary in terms of surgery, medication and fortified meals for the wounded personnel with a view of boosting their morale.

He pointed out 51 nurses were recently recruited so the soldiers would be adequately care of.

He noted 52 wounded personnel who sustained lifelong injuries were currently taking a computer training  to engage them in meaningful ventures.

The senator was round the facility where he interacted with some of the wounded soldiers.(NAN)