See photos: Police storm Edo State Assembly premises

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Armed policemen on Thursday morning stormed the premises of Edo State House of Assembly.

Though there was no official pronouncement on the motive behind the move, PDP – led government sources in the state alleged that the policemen were drafted from Abuja.

An official claimed that influential persons “have mobilised Federal Police from Abuja to replace the officers from the Edo State Police Command stationed at the Anthony Enahoro complex of the Edo State House of Assembly.

The move, the source claimed, was aimed at taking over the Assembly complex, which is undergoing reconstruction, with a view to “illegally inaugurating 14 dissident members-elect, whose seats have long been declared vacant, so as to take control of the Assembly.”

It was also alleged thugs have been mobilised to move into “the complex so as to provide cover for the impending planned action to import a fake mace for the members-elect” to work in cahoot with a former official official of the Assembly to actualise this plot.

A retired Deputy Clerk in the Assembly is believed to have been mobilised to administer the oath to inaugurate those described as the dissident members-elect.

There was no immediate reaction from the All Progressives Congress either in Edo state or Abuja.

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