SEDC will address infrastructure in S/East – Oduah

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By Ifeanyi Nwoko

Sen. Stella Oduah says the bill for the establishment of the South-East Development Commission (SEDC) when signed into  will address the infrastructure challenges in the zone.

Oduah who co-sponsored the bill which was passed by the Senate in December, said in Abuja on Sunday that the law would translate to economic prosperity for the entire country.

The senator, who represents Anambra North in the National Assembly, explained that when established,  the commission would help address the agitations in the South-East zone.

She said SEDC would  provide a roadmap for the  development of roads, education, health facilities, industrialisation, agriculture, housing and urban development.

It will also address water supply, electricity and commerce in the five member states of Anambra, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and Abia, she said.

Oduah said that when the necessary infrastructure were put in place in the region, there would be wealth creation.

“If you look at this bill holistically it is going to be a huge paradigm shift for the south-easterners and it is long overdue.

“What it intends to do is to bridge that gap and ensure the disparity and agitation is handled, it will ensure that the deficit that exists in infrastructure is bridged.

“It will ensure that the enabling environment which does not exist is put in place, but most importantly, it will encourage wealth growth within the states.

“So all the innate skills that south-easterners have been blessed with will come to bear because the enabling environment within the enabling law have been put in place,” she said.

Oduah expressed optimism that the Commission when created, would be embraced and seen as a gap closure for the region to grow.

“The SEDC is also for all of us as Nigerians, it will give us another bottom up growth, because the economic growth that will come from the South-East region will dovetail into a national growth for all,” she said.

Oduah said the Comission would address ecological challenges in the zone.

“It will also identify factors inhibiting the development of the South-East and assist member states on the formulation and implementation of policies to ensure sound and efficient management of the resources of the region,” she added.

The bill has yet to be passed by the House of Representatives. (NAN)

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