Security Tops Agenda As Jonathan Jets Out To Niger, Mali

President Jonathan

Ewache Ajefu/Editor

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will undertake a working visit to Niamey Thursday to join President Issoufou Mohammadou  of  Niger Republic in presiding over a scheduled meeting of High Authority of -Niger Joint Commission for .

President and his Nigerien counterpart are working to revitalize and reposition 41-year old commission as a platform for effectively addressing emerging cross- border challenges in areas of security, bilateral trade, health, energy and communications.

Convention which established Commission in 1971 gave it general and exclusive to identify ways and means of coordination and harmonizing the economies of  and Niger Republic  in all fields with a view to increased and more effective between them.

Article 3 of the Convention also gives the Commission special responsibility for “proposing to the two Governments, measures and projects to be undertaken which will result in a gradual establishment of a rational, harmonious and balanced capable of ensuring maximum development of the two countries at the least possible cost and with a minimum of delay”.

President Jonathan will seize the opportunity of his visit to Niamey to meet once again with living Republic.

Before returning home Friday, the President will have a stopover in Bamako, the Malian capital for further consultations efforts by ECOWAS and the Nations Security Council to restore normalcy to the country.

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