Security budget must be fully implemented, says Lawan on his birthday

By Haruna Salami

The security situation in the country has made the Senate President, Ahmad Lawan to observe solemn 63rd birthday on January 12, 2022 in Abuja.

Speaking with Senate Press Corps, Lawan said “this year’s anniversary is a solemn occasion due to situation of insecurity induced deaths across the country”.

According to him, the sense of sympathy, empathy and humanity guided the low-key celebration, praying that God will help the leadership of the country to find lasting solution to the security situation in the country.

“The country is going through a hard time security-wise. Challenges across all parts of the country, which stretched the Armed Forces who have been at their best to fight to defend Nigerian sovereignty”.

“The government has not been able to adequately provide for the needs of the Armed Forces, hence the resolve of the National Assembly to do its best in spontaneous reaction to appropriate funds for effectiveness of the Armed Forces and we promise to continue to do this”.

He said the APC government came into office in 2015 with the determination to restore the security situation in the country, especially the North East, which was under the influence of Boko Haram at that time. “A year and half after the situation in the North East improved, but we have other challenges that cropped up in the North West, North Central, some parts of the South West and recently the South East. This means our security forces have to be at their best, while at the same time the political leaders have to do their part by providing the necessary weapons to fight.

“Our Armed Forces have been doing their best. We have not been able to give them what they need to fight on our behalf, but they fight. I use this opportunity to commend the Armed Forces and other security agencies, but we are going to insist on better performance.

Lawan said the 9th National Assembly has stabilized the polity through unity of purpose and patriotic achievements such as restoring budget cycle to January – December and other landmark legislations, adding “do far we have done 90% of our legislative agenda”.

He however said the National Assembly need to ensure that the procurement process of equipment by the Armed Forces is duly followed and that National Assembly will carry out oversight of those equipment.

“National Assembly in 2022 will focus on revenue generating agencies for revenue mobilisation, generation and collection to reduce borrowing by the government”, he said.