Secondus vows to appeal court ruling, warns against impunity


By Idris Ibrahim

The suspended chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Uche Secondus has vowed to appeal the ruling of Court of Appeal in Rivers State that restrained him from stopping the convention of the party in Abuja.

Media aide to the suspended chairman, Ike Abonyi disclosed Friday in a statement that Mr Secondus gave the opposition party a stern warning against impunity.

“I have just been briefed of the ruling of the Court of Appeal, Port Harcourt dismissing my motion to halt the National Convention of the party. I respect the position of the court even though I disagree totally with it.”

“Even as the substantive case is still pending at the Court of Appeal I have instructed my lawyers to study the ruling with a view to appealing it immediately as no abuse of the constitution of our dear party should be allowed to stand,” the chairman said.

Earlier today, a Court sitting in the State’s capital dismissed a suit filed by the suspended national chairman challenging the party’s fourth coming convention.

A three-man panel dismissed the appeal which was filed on October 14 for lacking merit.

The verdict was read by Justice Gabriel Kolawale which was endorsed by the other two judges unanimously.

According to the statement issued by the chairman further revealed that the suspended party leader vowed the defends PDP constitution.

“The issue is not about Prince Uche Secondus but about the sanctity of our party constitution and core democratic principles of justice and rule of law not only in PDP but in our democracy. No impunity must be condoned.”

“This was why I resisted and rejected entreaties of those who wanted me to go to court to halt these forces when it was obvious that they were determined to disrupt my leadership and truncate my tenure in office with the sole objective of hijacking the party for their selfish ulterior motives.”

“To allow this travesty to stand is to reduce our beloved party to a level where anybody can wake up over night and remove officers against the proscribed constitutional process and the National Chairman for that matter. And purporting to use the judiciary through an exparte order to legitimize same,” the chairman said.

“As a major practitioner in our democracy, I am duty bound to protect and defend the sanctity of the provisions of our constitution of which am the custodian,” he added.

The embattled former chairman was suspended following a feud he had with Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike.