Saudi monarch says kingdom able to deal with effects of oil attack

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman bin Abdelaziz said on Tuesday that the kingdom is able to deal with the effects of the “cowardly attacks” that targeted major Saudi oil facilities.

In a cabinet meeting, the king said the attacks not only target the kingdom’s vital facilities, but also the global oil supply and the stability of the world economy.

The “kingdom will defend its lands and vital facilities, and is able to respond to such acts whatever their source are,” said the cabinet.

Drone attacks at the weekend targeted two facilities operated by Saudi state oil giant Aramco in the eastern province of Buqyaq, forcing the kingdom to halt about half its oil supplies afterwards.

Oil prices were sent soaring following the attacks, which were claimed by Houthi rebel fighters in Yemen who are backed by Iran.

Buqyaq is home to the world’s largest oil refining plant, according to Aramco. While the country was working to restore significant capacities quickly, a more complete restoration of capacity could take weeks or more, two Saudi officials told the CNN broadcaster. (dpa/NAN)