Sarah Jibrin, Idiodi Advocate Harmony For National Transformation

Sarah JibrinBy Ewache Ajefu Sarah Jibrin

The Grand Administrator and Director of the Supreme Board of the Rosicrucian Order Worldwide, . Kenneth Idiodi has advocated that  harmony be imbibed as a way of among Nigerians if the transformation efforts of the current administration of Goodluck Jonathan  is to succeed.

. Idiodi  spoke at the just concluded silver Jubilee celebration of the Northern Regional Conclave of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC in Abuja with the theme: “Harmony- Key to National Transformation”.

Special to the on Ethics and Values, . Sarah Jibril, who was a special guest at the occasion also corroborated . Idiodi’s recommendation as she urged Nigerians to be in harmony among to reflect good citizenship greater transformation.

Jibril, who was represented by her Personal Assistant, Mr. Victor Kato said
transformation begins an individual and once one is in harmony with oneself, the person becomes a better citizen, while describing transformation as a total renewal within the conscience, attitude, perception, manner, interactions and way of .
“Once a person is in harmony with himself he becomes a better citizen and this will flow him to those around him and the society resulting in having a better country,’’ she said.

Dr Kenneth Idiodi on his part said  AMORC was set up as an educational institution that had been admitting of various faiths stating that the basic principles of   how to live in harmony with natural and spiritual laws the attainment of health, happiness and peace, are the very preoccupation of the organization.

He said at this time of when is Nigeria saddled with security challenges, there was  need to inculcate spiritual understandings of things in the area of meditations and prayers to sustain peace, adding that all Nigerians must be altruistic enough in thoughts, utterances and actions as to truly place service above self, and ever mindful of the triune obligations of service to God, service to others and of to ourselves.

In his keynote address at the occasion, the Grand Councilor who also doubles as  the  Secretary/Treasurer of the National Board of AMORC, Mr. Johnson Ikube said a strategic  imperative in achieving national transformation was the ability to see all the parts of national agenda in the context of the whole, reasoning that “ the parts is our ability to build the values and grow the economy”, adding that  it is the harmony among  all the parts that will assure the success of the country’s transformation.

He recommended that Nigeria’s core values must so that “our actions would now move the survival of the fittest to the survival of all” stressing that in our pursuit of national transformation, every citizen must focus more on the whole rather than the parts in isolation, so that all can appreciate the relationship between unity and diversity and thus be in a position to think, act and experience harmony.

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