Sallah Video: How Arewa Women pampered their husbands under COVID-19 lockdown


For many singles and some married couples, love and social distancing don’t really mix, but for Arewa women the COVID-19 lockdown has given them a rare opportunity to reconnect with their husbands, by pampering them with love and exploring ways to keep their marital romance alive, especially during the Ramadan Fasting and Sallah

Known for their beauty as well as their incredible wears, Arewa (Northern) women who are often perceived as conservatives and reserved, may have busted myth as they took the opportunity of the confinement occasioned by the novel Coronavirus pandemic to lighten the sparkles around their loved lives with their spouses.

In a series of video obtained by Arewa Agenda on various social media platforms, of the couples across various age and background were seen creating a cherishable bond as they sang and danced to a lovely ambience with their husbands during the Sallah festivity.

They appeared merrier and happier as some of them sprayed each other with currency notes with some of the women wishing there will always be an annual lockdown where their husbands will remain confined to the for at least a month so they can share such quality time together.  

Speaking to Arewa Agenda, a publication of young writers from Northern Nigeria, some women expressed delight and satisfaction despite the fact COVID-19 is not a good omen, something positive came out of for married couples.

According to Amina Ibrahim who thanked Allah for the Coronavirus, “Since our wedding over 20 years ago, the Covid-19 lockdown gave me and my husband the best honeymoon… In fact, he didn’t step out of the for one month and has time for the children.”

Another responder, Zuwaira Abdulkarim said, “The COVID-19 lockdown is the best thing that happens to our marriage. when we travelled on holiday to Mecca, Dubai and London, my husband still (went) out for visit and sight-seeing. But under the Lockdown we enjoy watching kannywood and nollywood movies together..”

On her part, Hakama Yusuf said, “I wish the government can provide annually Lockdown at least for one month so that we can have enough time with our husband. I never knew how much my husband really cared (as) we go to the kitchen while the housemaid only (does) the laundry and washing.”

Also speaking, Zainab Kabiru stated that, “My heart always beats whenever there is this feeling for relaxing the Lockdown. While we enjoyed the Lockdown before the partial lockdown in Abuja, I envy my Married sisters in Kaduna whose husband are completely (in)Lockdown for about two months and I learnt their Governor may extend by another two months. What a better enjoyment.”

For Madinah Mohammed, “The Lockdown during the Ramadan will forever remain fresh in our husband…. My darling not only switched off is general phones, he only communicates with family members on his private numbers. We pray together, recite the holy Quran together, play computer game together and watch movies together… I never believed  a period like this could happen in our . While we pray for Coronavirus to go, I pray there should be something good that can influence government to annually Lockdown only for a week, twice in a year.”

While the coronavirus may have affected trade, jobs and other human endeavor, for some Arewa women, love is indeed in the air..

By PRNigeria