Saliu Mustapha joins APC Chairmanship race, canvasses ‘team work, not one-man show’

Saliu Mustapha

Mr. Salihu Mustapha, who is aspiring to become the national Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress,APC has said he believes in team not one-man show as the best way to improve the fortunes of the party. He said him, “it is a  team work. It is not a one-man show.”  

Mustapha made this assertion Tuesday at a press conference  in Abuja  where he announced  his aspiration the office of APC National Chairman

“I am delighted to be before you this morning….First of all, I invited you to intimate you of my aspiration and to seek your support, partnership ..  

“I want to be the National Chairman of APC not just the title because I believe I have put in alot, I believe I have alot to  still give to society and the party

Speaking on the state of the party, he said, “We have something at hand now.. (But) We can always improve upon what  we  have.I have gathered experience over the years, which I believe I should be able to make good use of  to improve upon what we have now

“And that is why me, it is a team .It is not a one-man show.A team in the sense that both you in the media space and those of us in the political space must team up together to see how we can give our people the best…I hope and pray that day will come when I will be the national chairman

Mustapha was born in Ilorin, State capital five decades ago. He holds a degree in Mineral Resources Engineering from Polytechnic, .was  mentored by politicians such as Dr Ezekiel Ezeogwu of the defunct Social Democratic Party SDP and  Dr Sarah Jibril among others.

He has also garnered  impressive experience on the political space.He was once National Publicity Secretary of the Progressive Liberation Party and also served  Publicity Secretary of Progressive Action Congress. Mustapha was a prominent member of the All Peoples Party,APP  as well as  the All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP

He has also been a close political ally of President Muhmmadu Buhari.It could be recalled that in 2011, Mustapha  was unanimously elected as the Deputy National Chairman of the Congress Progressive Change, CPC  which then led by President  Muhammadu  Buhari. The APC national chairmanship aspirant  contested  the gubernatorial election in State, but lost.

However, his Saliu Mustapha Foundation has continued to impact on the life of  the aged, women  and children. He was recently conferred with the titleTuraki of Ilorin by Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, the Emir of Ilorin.

While  answering questions from journalists at th press briefing  in Abuja, Mustapha said, “As  a  political party administrator, the most important thing is you to be able to accommodate everybody..(to have listening )ears and to be able to temper justice, because you must have at the back of your mind that being the chairman of the party (is not where it ends),  what is important is your party to be victorious  and you to deliver the dividends or the promises of your manifesto.

“Like I said ,I want to come on board to do things differently. Yes, APC has done well, but I believe there is room improvement .

Asked about his  take on direct or indirect primaries, he said, “Some of these things I believe should be the strategy of the party on how to win its election. So I might not want to tell you where I stand on that publicly.Because me, as a party we must always look at what will favour us.How do we come out victorious?

Mustapha also shed  light on how he will build unity with the APC He said, “Even this interaction with you, theses are part of the things that I think I will do if I become chairman, such that APC will not be a cabal  to itself. It will be It will be an open book .And when you have an open book, then there is no room dissenting minds.. So there is a lot I will do to keep APC as one. My goodwill , my experience ,my way of administration which will be teamwork. This idea of one – man show does not go well and that is why, I always tell people sometimes, apolitical party administrator is somebody who gives people a listening ear.An executive governor, they tell him what he wants to hear, but a chairman of a party, you must listen to what people want to say, which I believe I have this in me

Should the  Caretaker Committee  to be dissolved or to continue in office, Mustapha said, “ me these are internal issues of my party and we have our party mechanism on how some of these things will be  addressed and I think the party constitution is there, very  clear. The Caretaker committee is an extra-ordinary convention caretaker committee. So we must not forget, the is still in progress.They are not there to remain there forever. They are doing their work.  So we must support and see that they bring this to a successful ending. It is not time to say this person is right, this person is wrong. It was because something went wrong, that was why they came on borad.It  is not time to start pushing  blame..”