Sack Sanusi Now -NLC Statement

By Abdulwahed Omar

We were not shocked hearing the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi once again displaying his contempt for the working people in Nigeria his recommendation that the Federal Government should sack 50% of its workforce for the economy to revived.

It has obvious that there are some individuals parading the corridors of power who are not qualified to anywhere around organizations saddled the responsibility of developing policies for national . Since assumption of office as the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, all Sanusi’s major pronouncements have been either directly anti people ruinous to the Nigerian economy.

The burden of wealth creation in Nigeria, like any other country, has been on workers, while some politicians and parasites like Sanusi over consume what the workers sweat to create. Workers are the key driving force of all economies and only a hollow economist like Sanusi will underplay this.

The major problems of the Nigerian economy are corruption and lack of good governance, and until we solve these problems our economy will continue in comatose.

Today, there are countless probe reports names of those who swindled our country of several trillions of both naira and other foreign currencies still living in Nigeria either walking freely around the corridors of power directly holding public political offices rather than being in jail.

We see in Sanusi an agent of death that must defeated and crushed before he further destroys the Nigerian economy.

While President Jonathan is promising to create more jobs, Lamido Sanusi is calling for mass sack of civil servants in a country with one of the highest number of unemployed, which has indeed led to gross deprivation and  the current state of insecurity in Nigeria.

While we believe the Federal Government will ignore the ranting of this hollow economist, Sanusi has never demonstrated patriotism in all his advice on and financial management in Nigeria.

Sanusi’s only understanding of governance is simply about saving money and not saving lives as his proposals are repeatedly devoid of human content and without consideration for the implications on larger society. The burden that will with mass sack as high as 50% of civil servants in to the already saturated unemployment market can better be imagined. Governance is about improving the quality of lives of the people and not destruction of productive lives.

To show unknowledgeable and unfit he is as a public office holder, Sanusi also called for the scrapping of local governments in Nigeria, a country that runs a federal system no matter inefficient the system is. Local government is an important tier of government in a federal system and what we need is to strengthen the system to enable it deliver good governance to the people as it is the closest to the grass-roots and rather than removing the tier as proposed by Mallam Sanusi, the local governments require more funding to enable them function properly as under a federal system.

The truth, which Sanusi as a beneficiary is running away from, is that corruption has a burden on the economy and it should be the only priority item on the table of any serious government. Even if you sack all the workers in Nigeria, any amount saved from that will be stolen and the culprits will walk in freedom.

And we need to ask Sanusi much work he has successfully done in the CBN to reposition it to contemporary realities? He is surrounded with countless aides that are obviously not by a man who believes that the Nigerian economy runs too high on overhead cost.

It is obvious Sanusi was never qualified for the office of CBN governor in the first instance, and he must be asked to leave the office as he has shown more than enough incompetence and contempt for the Nigerian people.

Abdulwahed Omar



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