Sack of Service Chiefs will destabilise Nigeria, Group warns

By Chimezie Godfrey

Contrary to calls for the sack of Security Chiefs in the country, as a result of recent upsurge of violence in the , the Conference of Civil Society Organisations for Peace, Security and National Development, has warned that such calls were inimical to peace and unity and capable of destabilising the nation.

The group also accused opposition political parties in the country, particularly the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), of playing politics with the unity, peace and security of the nation, and urged Nigerians to be weary of such unpatriotic entities and their antics.

Speaking to journalists at a rally in Abuja, Mike Msuaan and Kabir Matazu, who spoke on behalf of the the assembly, comprising of over 100 groups, argued that it was shameful that the opposition parties were the ones calling for change of guard when much has been achieved in the fight against insurgency and criminality generally.

“We as patriots cannot continue to look the other way and allow political parties continue to play politics with lives and unity of our dear nation. We are all witnesses to what the security situation was and what it is now. While we are not completely satisfied with the situation at the moment, we are also not unmindful of the gains made through the contributions of the current in destroying Boko Haram and other sinister networks that pose threat to the security of Nigeria.

“We have observed for too long the PDP and her co-travellers have tried to political capital of the security challenge that are being fought headlong. Nigeria was on the verge of total destruct under the PDP following activities of insurgents. The PDP had no strategy to curtail the menace and rather tried frankly to deny the existence of insurgents but has now suddenly got solutions to insurgency.

“While it is their right to air their opinion on the war against insurgency, we urge her to be patriotic, as there will be no country for anyone to play politics if this insurgency is allowed to thrive unchallenged.”
 The group further explained that it has taken the responsibility to speak realising that many innocent Nigerians were falling to the antics of those calling for the sack of for the pecuniary reasons.
Continuing, the group claimed that it has identified individuals and groups trying to political capital of the security situation by sponsoring calls for the sack of and fueling crises pledged to reveal identities of such individuals and group if they fail to stop forthwith.

“We advice all security chiefs not to be distracted by the handiwork of mischief makers but rather focus all on the good work they are doing to Nigeria better and safer for all”, the group noted.