Sack of Lagos Doctors:It is Madness!

By Ayodele Akele

The sack of over 1000 striking doctors by Governor Babatunde Fashola is one of the   saddest moments in the history of Lagos state as this iis unprecedented.Even under the   dreaded military dictatorship it did not happen.Despite our reservation over PDP  government it has never happened.

This is madness.No sane Governor can do this.This  is one sack and victimization of Lagos state workers too many by successive Lagos state government in Nigeria from the inglorious era of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and this  madness must stop.This is a clear civilian dictatorship unacceptable in a civilized Society at work in Lagos state of Nigeria The Lagos state governor Fashola has finally come out openly in  his true color as a fascist,an oppressor,sadist,first class pretender and  anti-people.

We must all rise up and say enough is enough to Fashola’s arrogance and high-handedness in Lagos state.He can not and must not be allowed to turn Lagos state  into his personal estate or a banana republic terrorizing citizens in Lagos state.The truth  is that Governor Fashola has been over pampered and tolerated by Lagos residents  particularly the human rights community in spite of his draconian,oppressive and  anti-peoples’ policies.Therefore It is only natural for him to be come power drunk.After  all,power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.We have never had it so  BAD!!!

Since power belongs to the people we must end Fashola’s shenanigan.The campaign  must start now.He must resign or forced to GO by protests.We have had enough,he  must GO!Fashola must GO!!





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