S/Court: PDP alleges APC plots to frustrate reversal of Imo judgment

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has alleged that All Congress (APC), is currently mounting pressure on to restrain itself from reversing the flawed judgment on the Imo governorship election. 

It also claims that alleged pressure is in spite of “obvious mistakes in that judgement, which is now threatening of our nation.” 

This is contained in a statement Spokesperson of party, and posted on its on Wednesday. 

According to the PDP, its “demand on Imo is not in any way in contestation of the authority and finality of the , but a patriotic effort to assist the affirm its infallibility correcting the inherent mistakes in the judgment, which came as a result of misleading to it the APC.  

“It is therefore instructive to note that the various election matters before the , were brought on clearly distinctive grounds and should be treated on its merit before the law,” the statement read.

It said “the only reason APC was pushing for a review of the Supreme Court’s valid and flawless judgment on the Bayelsa and governorship elections, was to cause confusion and blackmail the Supreme Court from treating the Imo case on merit.” 

The party maintained that “the grounds for the reversal of Imo judgment are unambiguously constitutional and completely distinct from APC’s attempt to blackmail the Supreme Court with their on the Bayelsa and states governorship election.”

The PDP urged the Supreme Court” not to succumb to the threats and blackmail by APC to push it to restrain itself from looking at the merit of the Imo case; correcting the mistakes and reversing the flawed judgment.”