Russian Govt has access to COVID-19 database – Kremlin

The Russian authorities have all the data on the incidence of Coronavirus in the at their disposal all the necessary preventive measures, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday.

Russian media outlets Meduza, regarded as a foreign agent in Russia, Holod Media and Mediazona published results of their joint investigation.

This is according the number of COVID-19 cases recorded in Russia now up five times higher than the official statistics.

The Kremlin spokesperson dismissed the media investigation as “a compilation of God knows what’’ that did not correspond reality.

“The government has all the data necessary to establish steps to combat the pandemic and the line for vaccination of the population at a rapid fast-forward,’’ Peskov told reporters.

When asked whether President Vladimir Putin would ensure greater information openness on the pandemic-related issues, Peskov said that such a decree was already being on the agenda.

of all, this instruction was formulated yesterday. It will be worked on, but this an instruction indeed, issued by the president.

“There is no issue of data openness, I agree with here,” Peskov responded.

He also noted that the government received more data than what is issued for the public.

“This is data by region, of a technical nature. The complete picture of what is happening is established based on these various data, including of technical (nature),’’ the spokesman explained.

When asked Kremlin was about the veracity of the received data on the virus, Peskov denied such assumptions.

“No, (Kremlin) is not . We believe that the data is fully published,’’ he said. (Sputnik/NAN)