Round Table tasks govt on public perception management, advises youth

Participants at a National Dialogue have called on government to take the issue of perception management very seriously.

One of highlights of the event which was held at the Nigerian Army Resource Centre, Thursday in Abuja was a call inter alia, “on the government to be serious in the area of public perception management,  crisis and strategic communication and be more proactive in the information dissemination by carrying Nigerians along.”

The Maiden National Dialogue which was aimed at leading to informed commentary on national issues also emphasised the need to encourage non-violent expression of interests by Nigerians, particularly the youth on national issues
Also, the event highlighted the fact that productivity is the major driver of national currency.
The dialogue further noted “that increased productivity, change in consumption pattern of Nigerians and improvement in national security will create an enabling environment for a reversal of the current state of the nation.”
According to an official take away from the event,participants called on the youth to “make informed non-violent interventions in the polity with clear goals of development and sustainable social order.

The dialogue further advised that Nigerians “should take advantage of the fact that information can easily be verified to investigate the source of any news item. This is with particular reference to recorded audio messages, distorted video clips and instigated fake news.
Other highlights of the event include: “Call for active participation but informed and conflict-sensitive commentary on national issues via social media platforms

“Encourage the government to be proactive in tackling the security challenges especially ensure the release of all those kidnapped on the March 24th train bombings in particular and others in captivity across Nigeria.”

Also, the round table noted that “Only increased productivity and a change in our consumption patterns will shore up the value of our national currency and keep it up in lasting manner. The CBN has made several interventions in this regard, including, among others, the Anchor Borrowers Program, which created and capacitated several farmers cooperative and enhanced there access to loans. It has created millions of jobs, taken many youths off the crime path and rescued many local economies.

“Only economy-reflating activities, such as the foregoing, in addition to consuming what we produce and producing what we consume, offers the nation the prospect of bringing up the value of the National Currency and keeping it up,” the conference said.