Rochas vs Ohakim:Group raises alarm over ‘PDP’s boast’ ahead of Supreme Court ruling

Friday this week is the day the Supreme court will  rule suit by ex Governor Ikedi Ohakim (PDP)challenging the election of   Rochas Okorocha (APGA) as the governor of Imo state.But Newsdiaryonline has learnt that there is tension in the state days before the ruling  because of what is said to be  claims by  unnamed Peoples Democratic Party, PDP chieftains   that Okorocha will be sacked on Friday.

This fear was echoed on Monday in by the  Imo Good Governance Group,IGGG at press conference .Dr Uche Akunebu, president of IGGG said “From the grapevine, we have been hearing people boasting that by Friday, we are going to see the end of Rochas’ government.That has been the palpable fear now in Owerri.There is a palpable fear that by Friday.. that is why we are calling this press conference. people are boasting already that the government will be vacated on Friday.Which is very, very wrong,because that means that they have a (prior) knowledge of what the  decision will be on Friday.That is why we have called this press conference to disabuse the minds of Imolites ,that we believe that the Supreme Court   consists of eminent jurists..

He added that the clandestine boast  by PDP  may be anchored history of the party and its uncanny way of doing things “The source of their confidence is that they believe that PDP owns Nigeria.PDP owns everybody .Now whatever concern PDP  is as good as settled.That is why they are boasting.That is  just the only reason  because they  believe that PDP has the awesome power to do everything they want to do ,that they are controlling the Federal government and they muscle power to support whatever they want to support.”

Apparently, IGGG has chosen to expose this plot as a way of checkmating the PDP. Contrary to the claims of PDP stalwarts, IGGG say it believes and it is making the claim openy that given the facts ground, the apex court will affirm Okorocha’s victory.”We believe vox populi, vox dei,the voice of the people is the voice of God.What the Supreme court is going to do on Friday is to reaffirm that victory.We are very confident about that,Akunebu said adding that apart from the Sam Mbakwe era, the state has not had good leadership like the man in the saddle now.

This organization a child of necessity.It came up as a Of the developmental challenges Imo State. ..Any attempt to thwart or subvert the will of the people of Imo State I believe that the people of Imo state will resist it.. and this particular organization, Imo Good Governance Group be  in the vanguard ‘’

To prove that Okorocha’s government is one in which  they are pleased with he proceeded to chronicle what he called his  laudable achievements ‘‘Rochas has  opened network of roads in Imo.If go will not believe that this is the Owerri used to knowR;Contractors are on site working.This has never happened before.Look at  the civil servants, they are being paid regularly.Last time he had to suspend the Commissioner for education and the Permanent Secretary, withholding their three months salary  for delaying the salaries of teachers.That is an action governor for .That is a man that means well for the people.Look at what he has done in the educational sector.Today,primary education is free,secondary is free and by September tertiary education will be free.Tell any government in the world that  gives its people free tertiary education.And I stand to be corrected,I have not seen.An Rochas is doing that and we commend him for doing that”

Akunebu was not alone.With him at the press confrenec was Mr Livinus Opara, treasurer of IGGG.He noted among others that the group “is ready to support any government which surpass this record o..The group is not just for Rochas, the group is for laudable achievement.If any government comes with good achievement, the group will be ready to support it.If any government is not also ready to work ,this group is ready to criticize such government.For now, he  too believes  Okrocha deserves to be allowed to continue because of his laudable achievements.”Adapalm Ohaji had been neglected for a very long time in Imo state.This is the only oil palm mill in Imo state.And in fact there was a time that that Ada Palm was the highest palm industry in Nigeria.The Malaysians took their palm from Ada Palm and today, Malaysians are the highest producers of palm oil in the whole world ,while where they got the palm from is steadily going back.And this governor ,for the first time if not Mbakwe that gave good support to AdaPalm, the next governor that will  support o Adapalm now is Rochas..So one might say Sam Mbakwe reincarnated in Rochas ,”Opara said.

Much as Ohakim and Okoracha’s supporters may wish  their respective leader  on either side victory in court,the real decision on the future of the state will be taken by the Supreme Court  Justices.And that is why everyone is waiting with baited breath for Friday. Ohakim unseat Okorocha? The answer lies in the womb of time.

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