Road accidents decline by 1.82% in Q1 2022 — NBS

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), says the number of road accidents in Q1 of 2022 reduced by 1.82 per cent from Q4 of 2021.

This is according to the NBS Road Transport Data Q1 2022 Report released in Abuja on Wednesday.

The report said the total road accidents were 3,345 in Q1 2022, showing a decrease of 1.82 per cent from Q4 2021, which recorded 3,407.

It said disaggregating the accidents into categories showed that serious cases in Q1 2022 were higher with 2,100 compared to fatal and minor cases with 871 and 374 respectively.

However, it said serious cases of accidents were lower by 4.50 per cent in Q1 2022, relative to Q4 2021 recorded at 2,199.

The report said similarly, fatal cases of crashes showed a decline of 1.91 per cent in Q1 2022 with 871 cases as against 888 in Q4 2021.

“In addition, minor cases of crashes rose from 320 in Q4 of 2021 to 374 in Q1 of 2022.’’

The report indicated that in terms of the gender distribution of persons killed in the accidents, 1,487 males (adult and child)) were killed in Q1 2022, accounting for 81 per cent of 1,834 persons killed in total.

On the other hand, females (adult and child) killed stood at 347, accounting for 19 per cent of the total persons killed in Q1 of 2022.

The report showed that in terms of injuries sustained, more males (adult and child) were injured compared to females (adult and child) during the period of review.

“In Q1 2022, 7,842 males (adult and child) were injured, accounting for 76.18 per cent of 10,294 injured in total.”

The report said the number of vehicles involved in accidents reduced in Q1 2022 with a total number of 5,316, compared to Q4 2021 which recorded 5,323.

“This indicated a decline of 0.13 per cent in Q1 2022.

“Cars and motorcycles recorded the highest number of vehicles involved in road traffic crashes for Q1 2022 at 1,652 and 1,100 respectively.’’

Also, the report showed that in Q1 2022, commercial vehicles were mostly affected with 3,635, compared to private, government and diplomatic vehicles which recorded 1,648, 55 and one respectively.

On a zonal basis, the report revealed that the North-Central recorded the highest number of crashes in Q1 2022 with 1,095, followed by the South-West with 887.

“The North-West recorded 515 cases, followed by the North-East with 414 cases, the South-South with 247 cases and the South-East 187.’’

The report said in terms of casualties, the North-Central recorded the highest with 3,582, followed by the North-West with 2,713, while the South-East recorded the least with 711. (NAN)