RIVERS ALERT: Sharing palliatives or coronavirus? By Legborsi Esaen

While i sincerely commend the Rivers State Government and others the palliatives, what I am seeing going on across the state and beyond during the distribution very scary and should be us.

It greatly shows how ignorant we are the entire conoravirus pandemic.The old people which are the most vulnerable are my greatest .Let’s hope we don’t the virus with the palliatives. 

Talking about maintaining social distance, it has never been part our culture and it will be very hard adhere it.Should there be a spike in the cases in the state and beyond, we should know where point our fingers. 

Just maybe, Community leaders should have gone collect their communities then do house house distribution. But our Leaders can’t be trusted not divert the Palliatives, as we speak, there are reports of diversion.

Rivers State a Christian State, we can only hope and believe that no evil shall befall us.In the Governor’s voice, say a louder Amen!

Legborsi Esaen, Former Public Relations OfficerMovement the Survival of Ogoni PeopleMOSOPPort HarcourtRivers State