Rights Group Backs Labour Unions Over Salary Cut

A human group in Nigeria, the Centre for Human and Social Justice (CHRSJ) has thrown its weight behind the position of the organized labour, the Nigeria Labour Congress(NLC) and Congress(TUC) cautioning the Mahammadu Buhari- led Federal Government against the cutting the salaries of civil servants as part of the moves to  reduce the cost of governance in Nigeria.

The group also urged the members of the National Assembly to forget the collection of #9.2 billion wardrobe allowances as part of their sacrifice for good governance as being preached on the change slogan of the administration in the country.

In an online statement issued  the Executive Chairman of the group, Comrade Adeniyi,Alimi Sulaiman , the group declared that cutting of the salaries of civil servants would tantamount to anti-workers drive in the land.

Comrade Sulaiman maintained that the administration should thinking of how to increase the salaries of the workers that were doing the bulk of the works in the entire government establishment in the , enjoining the administration to revive the ailing economy of the land.

His words: “Any attempt to cut the salaries of the workers may lead to labour crisis in the country and the crisis will not augur well at this crucial . This is high the Federal Government should come for upward review of the workers’ salaries in the land and all well meaning Nigerians should support the organized labour in defence of the matter. The National Assembly members should sacrifice the controversial #9.2 billion growth and development of the country”.

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