Rigging plot: Panic grips Anambra politicians over alleged security agenda

As the gubernatorial elections in Anambra draw nearer, there are emerging fears over the role of security forces in influencing the outcome of the election.

Newsdiaryonline has learnt from highly placed politicians in Anambra that there is growing worry over an alleged security agenda aimed at perfecting rigging of the election.

One politician said they have learnt that a rigging plot has been fashioned to favour one of the political parties.

The assertion recently by an APC Chieftain that Anambra is too important to lose has further fueled anxiety and fear that there may be no free and fair election after all.

One of the politicians said “we are genuinely worried that the IPOB threat has suddenly reemerged. We know that IPOB had calmed down some time after the recent clash with with the military during Operation Python Dance 11.

“We fear the IPOB card is being played up to justify the plan to use the security forces to intimidate the people during the election.

“We are hearing that the security forces may be used to ensure a particular party is favoured.
“This we are hearing may be done using the fight against IPOB as a cover.

In all of this, politicians who spoke to Newsdiaryonline said, they fear that INEC may be helpless.

“I cannot blame INEC for whatever happens. What we hear is that the alleged IPOB threat will be used as a guise to carry out what they want. There will therefore be pockets of violence which will be followed by ballot box snatching and all of that. But in the final analysis, results will be produced to favour the anointed candidate.

“Help us draw the attention of the world to the fact that we are very suspicious of the latest so called threat from IPOB.

One politician asked: “Where is Nnamdi Kanu? How come IPOB is suddenly threatening people to vote and die? Who are those really behind the emergence of Biafra Radio which has reportedly sacked Kanu? We suspect there is a plot to instigate violence so that the security agenda can be executed perfectly to rig the Anambra election.

Meanwhile, the police have repeatedly warned IPOB and any other group against threatening the peace just as the people have been urged to come out and vote. The police say the people’s security is guaranteed.Politicians however say they are worried despite all the assurances.