Ribadu Report: Echoes Of A Culture Of Impunity-By Auwal Ibrahim Musa,CISLAC

Auwal Musa,CISLAC

The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy , CISLAC wishes state that the recently released the Nuhu Ribadu-led Force is only a vindication of our long held position that the Oil and Gas Sector is a cesspool of scandalous, monumental and shameful , but that the culture of impunity and conspiracy which this present administration shamelessly displays singularly provides the added impetus perpetuating the graft that has become the trade mark of the sector in Nigeria.

We note without enthusiasm that the findings of this force is in no way innovative, neither does it provide information that is fresh and therefore newsworthy. We are aware of the sensationalism and melodramatic media hype and theatrics that preceded and has attended its release.

We however remind Nigerians that the information is only reminiscent of all three Audit Reports released the Nigeria Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, which responsibility the force actually only duplicated. It is also entirely different from outcomes of the numerous probes by several Commissions and Panels be they Legislative, Presidential or Ministerial, which this Administration have become notorious.

We reiterate that neither recommendations from auditors, nor recommendations of this legion of Commissions and Panels have ever implemented and all that the Ribadu has done is re-echo those positions. The details and now notoriously outrageous figures might be different and the methods adopted by the NNPC may slightly vary, but the conclusion remains the same: that the oil and gas sector is cancerously corrupt, manned by incompetent, dubious or sadistic personnel, led by visionless, insensitive and perfidious overlords and tolerated by a government enmeshed in a culture of impunity which lacks the moral drive muster the will even attempt to clear the quagmire in which it is actually a co-traveller.

CISLAC calls on Nigerians be again carried away by the infuriating figures and  expend their precious strength on vetting anger on indicted individuals, firms or groups but concentrate efforts on the Federal Government end the culture of impunity by taking drastic and decisive measures bring the law to bear and implement recommendations of all previous panels or commissions, including remediation recommended by reports.

We insist that there was before this , sufficient information any government serious about fighting in the oil and gas sector to act decisively to tackle the issues by prosecuting offenders, sanctioning firms and firing obviously compromised officials. The solution is not in multiplicity of panels at the expense of the tax payer but sincerity of purpose by government and developing the political will to act.

The issues of in the oil and gas sector are no longer new neither are the reports of panels. The media drama, diatribe, hullabaloo and blowing hot are also familiar. What is lacking is concrete action to do what all Nigerians know needed to be done and CISLAC has not seen what difference this report will make as long as government continues to display a sense of helplessness of haplessness.

The canker-worm wasting our common heritage and the forces insulting our national psyche are not the figures out there or the players indicted but the government that persistently does nothing but expend precious time and resources paying people to do the same things and tell us what we already know and fail to act to bring the impunity to an end.

We call on the media, civil society and indeed all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria to refuse to be carried away by the euphoria of a new report and insist that action be taken by implementing recommendations of all known reports on this deteriorating and increasingly embarrassing sector which unfortunately is also the back-bone of our economy.

Auwal Musa

Executive Director, CISLAC


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