Ribadu: A Mouth Too Loud To Control,By CP Paul Iseghohi (Rtd)

ribadunewAs close associates of the former, well respected inspector general of police, chief Dr mike Okiro, we can no longer sit, fold our arms and watch while a junior officer who in all purposes and intent is beneath him, resort to hauling insults at him for no justifiable cause or
reason. A man of such standing who through deliberate effort and meteoric rise, rose to the pinnacle of his career profession, certainly deserves more than he is getting from a man who was far his junior in the service.
Overtime, Ribadu had insulted the high and mighty due apparently to intoxication of power and lately political deft moves to muster public opinion and support to himself and probably his political party, which he currently stands for.
Our deep knowledge of him in the Police Force clearly exposes his loquacious nature, insubordination and crass incompetence in the discharge of his statutory duties. His appointment into the EFFC to us was a huge joke until we discovered that he was effectively covered by fine officers and gentlemen whose record of service is not only outstanding but whose ability to investigate and resolve complex cases is recorded in the police archives.
Due to his lack of capacity, he resorted to unconventional means to resolve complex cases of financial impropriety. For instance, the use of plea bargain has no history in our judicial system. This much was declared by the Chief Justice of the Federation that plea bargain has
no basis in Law and was therefore declared illegal, null and void. To seasoned Police Officers, plea bargain can be argued to be forced seizure of lawful property due to power dynamics, yet, Ribadu counted such unlawful possessions of people’s property as his major
We take exception to the allegations of corruption he leveled against the former Inspector-General of Police as a mere ranting of an ant. A police officer knows best how to handle corruption related cases than to blow his trumpet in the media. If he believes that Okiro acquired his property illegally, he should provide the necessary proofs to enable Mr. Okiro face investigations and possible reprimand and not to engage in baseless allegations through trading of words.
Like the seven-up jingle, the difference is clear between Okiro and Ribadu. The Imo State Governor offered Okiro the job of security adviser, which he turned down almost immediately. This to us does not seem to be a political jobber. For someone to take up party appointment ahead of government shows loyalty and dedication to the ideals, principles and manifestoes of the party. This much was what impressed present Jonathan to elevate him to the Police Service Commission job.
On the other hand, a presidential candidate accepting to chair a committee set up by his rival, displays a high degree of propensity of desperation to either be in the limelight or secure a means of livelihood. Okiro appears to be more reasonable in his approach to issues.
Dr Mike Okiro never removed Lamorde from the EFCC, since he was acting when Farida Waziri came on board. She returned him to the Police and to get him working, Okiro posted him as an Area Commander in Bauchi.
This is a standard practice in the Police Force. In his desperation to draw public sympathy, he riddled his vehicle with bullets and claimed that an attempt was made on his life. His antecedent as a chronic liar was recently put to test in London during cross-examination in a county court. He lied to his teeth until he was in a cul-de-sac
It is common knowledge that immediately he joined partisan politics, he verbally exonerated all those he labeled as corrupt merely to gain political favour and relevance.
We urge Chief Dr Mike Okiro to ignore the ranting of an ant. We are reasonably sufficient to tackle his arrogance and indiscipline.
CP Paul Iseghohi (rtd)

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