Revealed:Suntai May Be Flown Overseas Again

Gov Suntai on arrival -Source The CanaryFresh facts reaching show that the return of Governor Danbaba Suntai may temporary as it is actually part of a carefully planned script aimed at achieving the objectives of the ‘new cabal in Taraba’.Unlike the Umaru Yar Adua era intrigues in Abuja , the Taraba cabal is said to include powerful forces from outside the state who have local and national (read 2015 )calculations at the back of their minds.
Suntai who was flown into Abuja from where he proceeded to Jalingo Sunday is said to have been kept away from people at the Presidential Lodge in the state capital .Sources said the governor was accompanied by American doctors.Insiders said his return flouted medical advice as he was due to finish his present round of medication on August 28th after which he is expected to begin another round of treatment.Even his wife was said to have initially resisted his sudden return until powerful forces prevailed on her and urged the madam to steer clear.
According to insiders, forces within and outside the state have brought him back so that a letter would eventually be sent to the State House of Assembly whose members have been “pressurised” towards the next move.The governor is expected to proceed either holiday or medical trip very soon ,an insider said.They just want to create the impression that Suntai is in charge
“Another reason why he has been returned is to ensure that they roll back all the decisions the Acting Governor has taken so far, as it will henceforth be claimed that the governor ordered the reversals”,a worried insider said.
“It is a dangerous politics of ethnicity and religion that the people are playing and those who love Nigeria should stand up to avert any crisis as there appears to be tension rising in the state already”, a source said.

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