Resident doctors donate books to psychiatric patients

The Association of Resident Doctors, Federal Neuro-Psychiatric , Yaba, , on Friday donated 100 educative   to psychiatric patients the ’s ward to encourage them reading habit.

The donation was made by the association at the launch of its “Inaugural Book Drive“, an being part of the doctors’ reach out programme.

her remarks, Dr Raliat Akerele, the association’s president,  said that the was meant to encourage reading habits among patients and keep them mentally occupied while going through rehabilitation.

“We want to imbibe the culture of reading educative in our patients, so that they can learn good habits that will serve them in their lives when they are discharged the ward.

“We have had lots of patients over time complaining of boredom and so we thought our patients will benefit a lot reading.

“We introduce the reading habits that will help them to  improve faster and stay what brought them to the initially, “ Akerele said.

She said that the association plans to organise documentaries in addition to the donated as part of improving lives of the patients while going through rehabilitation.

“Most patients relapse, because they not continue the skills that they have acquired while in the rehabilitation process.

“We to more of this and hopefully donate more books to other wards in the , “ Akerele said.

Also, the Head, Drug Unit in the hospital,  Dr Moses Ojo, said that unemployment was a major challenge facing youths in the country.

Ojo said that if unemployment was not tackled, drug abuse among youths would be a major public .

“The forward will be for governments at all levels to solve the problem of unemployment among youths.

“Also, this initiative by ARD will help to improve the treatment of the patients and will go a long to solving the problem of drug abuse among youths, “ he said.

In her remarks, the Medical of the hospital, Dr Oluyemi Ogun, urged other associations in the hospital to emulate the good gesture of ARD.

Ogun, represented by the hospital’s Head, Clinical and Training, Dr Olugbenga Owoeye, said that such initiatives would help in the management of patients in the hospital.

“This initiative is laudable; we more of such for patients to get the care they to get better and be able to function well in society, “ she said. (NAN)