Reorganize Nigeria’s Internal Security System Now ! -NLC Tells FG

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Nigeria Labour Congress,NLC  has said  the  attack on the convoy of the Emir of Kano, Alhaji Ado Bayero a few days ago, once again questioned the security of the country and brings to the fore the urgent need for the reorganization of Nigeria’s internal security system as violent militant activities seem to be growing in strength by the day.

“These attacks seem to expose the lie in the claim by the Federal Government that its security agencies have been able to curtail the activities of violent extremists,” Chris Antigha Uyot ,acting general secretary of NLC said in a statement.

He added that Kano, being a major industrial city in the northern part of the country is very strategic to the Nigerian economy and polity, and should therefore not be allowed to be held hostage by violent groups.

“The Emir of Kano is the highest traditional office holders, and a leading traditional voice in the country.  If he can be so brazenly attacked, ordinary citizens will continue to live in fear and consequently the atmosphere of insecurity in the state and the country in general will grow deeper.”

“This will certainly affect the free movement of persons and workers to their workplaces with grave consequences on freedom of movement and commercial activities.”

“While condemning these incessant attacks, we reiterate our commitment to dialogue, national peace and unity, and call on those responsible for these spate of violence and spectre of fear to reflect on the monumental and devastating damages their attacks have inflicted on the economy and ultimately the devastating impact on our collective future ” NLC said,adding, “We commiserate with the families of the aides of the Emir who lost their lives during the attack defending the life of the Emir of Kano.”

“We also condole with workers and the people of Kano State and urge them not to despair or allow these attacks discourage them in the pursuit of peaceful coexistence and commerce as they have always been despite the challenges of a clear state of insecurity, which is intended to engender anarchy.

“We urge the security agencies to improve their intelligence to protecting lives and property, and to ensure that subsequent attacks are detected and apprehended before they are carried out.


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