Remembering Kofi Awoonor ,others ,By Orji Kalu

kalu  700As we stand in disbelief following the events that have unfolded in Nairobi, our sincere condolences go out to each victim and their loved ones.

It is truly shameful that such brilliant sparks of inspiration have been quashed so violently. I am of course giving specific mention to Africa’ loss of a gifted author, an enlightened poet and a political statesman, Mr. Kofi Awoonor.

Truly a literary giant and the pride of Ghana, George Kofi Nyidevu Awoonor-Williams slain in the Westgate Mall tragedy during the course of the siege that occurred throughout the weekend.

of the renowned Ghana Playhouse, Kofi or, as he affectionately referred to, ‘Prof’, has always taken great pride in the cultivation of art, whether read in his luminous prose or experienced through his advances in theatre and drama, works beloved throughout the country and indeed ECOWAS.

Understanding the power and thus great responsibility in harboring a mastership of the written and spoken word, from 2009 until January of this year, Kofi efficiently served as Chairman of the Council of State, a advisory body to the President of Ghana.

It is thus ever more deplorable that such an accredited, kind-hearted and pragmatic thought-leader should be but one of the many taken from us so hastily, so senselessly, by blind insurgent extremism.

One cannot rationalize the events that unfolded at Westgate Mall, once and soon once more a hub of commerce and tourism, filled with innocent lives, each with their own story worthy of a Kofi Awoonor depiction.

Checking the ever-networking threat of terrorism requires a wide breadth of understanding and indeed pragmatic partnerships to be forged across the continent and around the world.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his son, for whom we wish a speedy recovery, and the many that have fallen.

We wish for swift brought to the perpetrators and ultimately a sound, lasting resolution brought to this unforeseen conflict.

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