Outrageous Wedding:A call on Gov Yuguda to Release Abbas-By Abdulhamid Gazali

With the alleged arrest our , Abbas, by the Bauchi state government, for expressing his opinion over the outrageous spending that has characterized the wedding the governor’s son, how apparent has it now become that Nigerian leaders do not have apt understanding what system government they operate? For, perhaps if Yuguda has ever understood democracy well, he would have known that that singular act—that crashing disregard for one’s democratic freedoms—is capable sending him out his office and explode with him into pieces nothing.

Recently I could remember reading a Facebook post in my homepage by one of my friends [I think Prof. Pius Adesanmi] in which a certain governor threatened journalists in his state that the power bestowed on him as governor is so much such that if he would exercise it to the fullest, he can do anything he wants, even kill. At the moment he was exercising only less than 10% he said but he will eventually double if they do not “stop reporting his mess”.

These people may have forgotten that we no more operate military system of administration 13 on from 1999 and by the circumstances surrounding issues in our societies today; one is compelled to remind them. I think, in fact, it is not out of point to organize a national enlightenment conference to enlighten politicians of country about the fact that we had our transition to democracy since 1999 and what that means.  Because that, for all I know is not democracy, and neither is it military rule; if there is anything it will perfectly be likened to, is perhaps cannibalism—a system of government operated in the wild and merciless societies of the animal kingdom. How on earth will a governor, if at all he is dwelling in decent world of ours think that as a leader he has the powers to kill?

Yuguda should as a matter of his personal good, be reminded that the world no more tolerates marginalization of any sort. Because it seems funny governor is not up-to-date with the current trend of development across the world. For, has he been conscious of it, the recent wave of uprising in the Arab world is enough to inform his gross insensitivity that the 99% followership has grown balls ripe enough to demonstrate what they worth.

Nothing will stop the Nigerian populace from rising up to the defence of decent young man whose moral rectitude to do right and bravery to say the stark truth as it is, is commendable—and the truth is, I am enviable of these qualities. His critique of the outrageous waste of public funds by a pompous extravagant temporary office occupant to give spectacular rarity in color to the wedding of a son no different and no better than any other Bauchi son is well in line. The shameless governor forgets so soon that he was once an ordinary, and yes frustrated politician, from pillar to post for the votes of Abbas and many of his likes who he now turns against—and he better be put on notice, this time he would not run away with it. Utterly impossible!

The apparent bamboozling of public funds is indefensible. And not Abbas, the Bauchi state has succeeded in calling itself to watch from all of us from now onwards—by making the greatest mistake of its lifetime. Then, like written on a photo I was once tagged in Facebook, he should ‘find a map, locate hell, and drive there’. Or alternatively, he should order the immediate dismissal of Facebook, Twitter, Skype and all other online social networks and all print and electronic media houses. Or also, if that will not suffice, seal our mouths; then, he can start wearing clothes up minted N1000 notes; build castles for himself with N500 notes; drive cars up N200 notes and construct roads with N100 notes upon which he should be cruising. Blend the lesser denominations of N50, N20, N10 and N5 notes into one, and give it to his prince [whose name I gladly didn’t know] to build his world!

At the moment, all out to enforce Yuguda to, to use my friend Jaafar’s dialing codes, dial R for release Abbas or we dial F for … Yuguda.

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