Rejoinder: Crisis In Lagos APC Over Plans To Impose Candidates

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By Mallam Ahmed Moyo’ Jaji /Lagos
We read with disdainful amusement the above-titled Report by one ‘Gboyega Adeoye on the purported Crisis in Lagos APC over plans by the State Executive Committee members to impose Candidates for various Elective Offices for the impending National Elections. We noted, with wry amusement that the usual FALL GUY for such spurious allegation, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, was not mentioned, this time around for obvious reasons.
We also note that the entire report must have been written and given to ‘Gboyega Adeoye to publish and in good conscience, the said writer could not have been a resident of Ikeja Federal Constituency. He could not have written the direct opposite of the Objective Realities, as they obtained in Ikeja APC.
The reference to the State Exco of the Party is a ploy to hide the main reasons for the co-ordinated Media Campaign against the person of Hon. James Abiodun Faleke who represents Ikeja Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives. His sin is that he has expressed the desire to continue to represent his Constituents, in Abuja. Otunba Oladele Ajomale’s sin is that he was re-elected to continue to steer the Affairs of the Party for another Term.
Truth be told, Hon. James Abiodun Faleke, relatively speaking towers above those who had occupied the Office before him in terms of his visibility, accessibility and service delivery. It must be noted in passing that it is not his desire to go back to Abuja & which does not preclude other members from aspiring for the same Office.
He actually contested against an incumbent before he could be elected. His problems stemmed from observable & actual POWER SHIFT in the Party & the Local Government Area respectively. The wide acceptance & support, is definitely ruffling some Feathers & making some hitherto Power bases jittery in the Party & Local Government respectively. It is not his fault but causative effects of the new thinking in the Party (APC) that had made CHANGE its mantra & Credo.
The popularity or otherwise of james Faleke’s standing was demonstrated on the 26th of August, 2014 at EXCELLENCE HOTEL, Ogba when members of the State Executive visited members of the Party. An event most people present dubbed a PRIMARY before PRIMARY for the Office slated for Monday 24th of November. It therefore came as a surprise that ‘Gboyega Adeoye’s imagination would run Riot for him to write that Hon. Faleke is unpopular with the people he represents. The taste of the pudding is in the eating.
The usual refrain we have been regaled with, was that the job of the Legislator is to make Laws but Hon. Faleke is able to influence the employment of over 30 of his Constituents in various Federal Agencies & attracted various federal Government Projects to ALL the various Settlements of the Local Government Area of Ikeja. Space constraints and Commercial Interests of the Owners of Newsdiary will not allow for itemisation of his achievement in his first term but these claims can be attested to, by the residents of the Federal Constituency who are the direct beneficiaries. The sustained Campaign of calumny can not & will not change verifiable facts. Our advice to those sponsoring such attacks, is for them to mobilize their own supporters for the Primaries as stated above. The general consensus in Ikeja Federal Constituency is that “ONE GOOD TURN. DESERVES ANOTHER”. Faleke has proved to be a worthy Representative of his Constituency and they are all agreed that – Faleke Lekan is (2015-2019).
Mallam Ahmed Moyo’ Jaji is an Associate of Hon. James Faleke.

Editor’s note:The story was not written by anybody other than the reporter and we edited his copy

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