Reflection on UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development By Dr. Raphael Ogar Oko

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November 10, 2012 is the UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development. I am delighted to be part of this celebration and will like to share a few ideas on the history, present challenges and new future of science. I will like to use this opportunity to congratulate and thank all science educators; scientists as well as students of sciences in all the efforts that they have been making to bring about a globally developed world. Science has a lot to offer humankind in our quest for world peace and development. Our world cannot make any meaningful result without science. Science began in the process of human search for peace and development but has unfortunately become the major source of war and destruction in many ways. The reality of science today is far away from the ideal of the founding of science. This is an issue that I feel very concerned about as we commemorate this day.

Despite the huge potentials in sciences, we are still confronted with the divide within science and between science and religion. There are several conflicting denominations in science that are seeking a common goal with conflicting expressions. This has led to the crisis in the use of science and scientific knowledge. If science will contribute significantly to peace and development, we must resolve the conflict within science and between science and religion. To do this, we must understand very clearly the origin and mission of science.

Even though there are hundreds of various aspects or denominations in science today, we must realize that all branches of science have a common origin and purpose and therefore need to work together to guide human beings into a clear understanding of the world. Due to the human ancestor’s fall in the process of education for self-realization and understanding of the world, science became an aspect of the expression of truth needed to dispel human ignorance. Science came as a result of human desire for happiness in life which has been unrealized due to human ignorance of the world. To dispel human ignorance that resulted from the human fall and to develop human potentials to understand and utilize the resources in the world for the well-being of all, science originated as an expression of truth from God.

Therefore, God is the origin of science and for this reason God is omniscience or original scientist. The mission of science is to dispel human ignorance of the physical world and guide us to understand the physical laws that govern the world. Also, science came from God to collaborate with religion, which deals with internal/spiritual truth from God to produce a complete human being who is both spiritual and physically sound.

Unfortunately, science has been misused since it became disconnected from its origin and instead of being a tool for peace and development, science has become a tool for wars and destruction and an opposition to religion, its founding partner. Our challenge today and from now is to work toward a new expression of science that will create harmony among the many fields of science and bring them to work together for peace and development with religion. We need a movement of educators for a Unified Science that can offer clear hope to the present and future generations. The new unified science must recognize God as its origin and guide human beings to observe the universal characteristics in all creation.

The unified science must seek to embrace and observe the consistency in religious principles and revelations and work together to advance a realm of technology that can connect the physical and spiritual world. In this age of unified science, we need to see the advancement of science into technology in a way that communication between the spiritual and physical worlds should be very normal as we currently do within the physical world. I believe that if unified science can reconnect human beings to the origin of science, we shall be able to have media stations broadcasting from heaven to the earth; we shall have telephone lines that we can communicate with the saints and sages in heaven and even our ancestors. In this way, the present confusion among human beings on the teachings of the past shall be clearly confirmed by the teachers. The secrecy of the last days and all such issues shall be resolved and a world of peace and development can be achieved.

I am hopeful that on this World Science Day for Peace and Development, we can begin to examine the call for a new expression of science, the Unified Science, which recognizes God as its origin and parent, appreciate religion as its brother/sister and work to bring all people to achieve one global family under the Creator. I pray and teach that all people living on earth should come to the realization of the need and urgency of Unified Science as we seek to live in peace and achieve sustainable development. Congratulations on this world science day. In 2013, I will devote efforts to periodic Conferences on Unified Science and Unification of Science Educators. May God bless UNESCO and all people of the world as we welcome unified science as the tool for peace and development.


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