Reflection On Iranian President’s Call For A New World Order Beyond Democracy By Raphael Ogar Oko

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Iranian President addressed the UN yesterday and said that Marxism is gone and capitalism has reached a deadlock. This means communism and even democracy are already deeply troubled.

Shall we let the world remain without a direction? Some are worried about what should be the new world order as suggested by the President. In this response below, some ideas of moving the world into
a new realm is presented. Demons and selfish people have been crazy about the world and its government in the name of communism and democracy and that God has been silent. The moment has come where God and good people need to be crazier about the world and its system of governance. This is leading to a call for Godism or Goddocracy.

Do you think that all 7 billion people are evil? It is not true as they are several good people in the midst of evil people. Yes, God has been silent but yet most active. Has your mind spoken before? Your
mind has been silent but is really actively behind most of what your body does.

All along human beings failed to recognize God and denied the existence of God and therefore do  not think about God centered ideas. Goodness is a product of God and good people represent God.

Unfortunately, human beings made self and other things to become the center and subject of our activities through communism, capitalism and even socialism and democracy. Like Iranian President said, the end of these systems of  thought have come. We are in a fix now and we must search for a new world order. The UN must be renewed to recognize God and bring together God and human beings. In this way, it cannot remain a union of nations only. It has to become a union of God in heaven and
good nations and people on earth. The UN must not remain an elite institution for executive elected leaders only. What about the Parliamentary leaders of the nations of the world? When is their own
UN Parliamentary General Assembly? What about the many unelected leaders of religions, business, academia and other professionals? When is their UN General Assembly of Unelected Influential Leaders of the world. The UN need to become more inclusive of the diverse aspects of the global community.

Democracy is a government of orphaned brothers/sisters searching for a parental figure and it ends up electing a short time parent, who is impeachable at will unlike true parents in our families that naturally
emerge and are not impeached because they live for the sake of their families.

After several years of search and research, democracy must discover the ideal it has been searching for through trials. That ideal is God, the creator of all people and all things. In the past, very little was
known about God and human beings committed several atrocities in the name of the silent God. Science did not realize the existence of God and focused on evolution, which came from God’s creation. Now, God is no more remaining silent and selfish leaders, nations and people are declining while good people under God will ascend. The moment of change has come but many are unaware and still holding unto the past.

The new wave of change around the world is a signal of a new spring of civilization. It is not just an Arab spring but a global spring. Many so called great nations and leaders will go. See how the French spring
kicked out former President. America needs to be most careful and realize that as they police the world, God is policing them too.

Democracy of selfish people must end and a new vision of democracy should emerge in a way that not only do we focus on quantity of votes but also on quality of the voters and those to be voted for. Now, the moment of government of evil people by evil people for many evil people called democracy has come to a deadlock and people are being inspired to terminate the mandates they foolishly gave through protests around the world. This means that a new world order is needed now and such cannot be only human-focused order again like democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. Democracy has been without God, the creator of all and is unable to represent all people. For this reason, people make many promises but yet they fulfill none. We need to ensure that democracy welcomes God now.

Government of good people, by good people and for the good of all people will replace the present democracy. Since goodness comes from God, it means we need a government of God through God’s people and for all people. This is Godism or Goddocracy, if your prefer such word. God is going to be crazy about human beings from now and will not remain silent any longer. Satan and human beings have been selfishly crazy but the moment for unselfish God to be crazy has come. Godism is neither left wing nor right wing ideology. It is heart wing, head wing and hands wing bringing together all wings and the body. This is a fearful moment of transition.

The UN will become United World Organization and political parties and all the artificial structures of state shall begin to crumble. The ideal human family will now take a central position. Elections will
not be based on quantity alone but also on quality of voters and those to be voted for. Duration shall extend from two tenures to three tenures and even serious consideration shall be given to lifelong
tenures as soon as good people take over the governance of the human family. If we find good people who lead our states and nations, shall we ask them to step them for another trial or shall we ask them to
continue? The reason people agitate for change is about the best has not emerged. If the best or even excellent person emerges as a leader, shall we ask him and her to step down after 8 years for us to try a
bad or good person? When the best appears, bad, good and even better shall not be needed again. This is how lifelong governance will be enthroned in the days ahead.

A self regulatory system will emerge where they will be very little responsibility given to government to do but power and more responsibilities will be vested on the people. The government has no person brought forward to the earth by it but we all belong to our families. Therefore, our true nationality is our family and not our state or country. I have always said that I am older than all the states created in Nigeria and it is illogical to say that I have a state of origin. My mother’s womb is my place of origin but I have a place of residence and not state of origin. At the time I was born, they were no states in Nigeria.

We shall not need federal army and police, no need of state police, state army, state schools but the family will be empowered to guide their members. Parents shall be the police, presidents, teachers of
their children as citizens. I have not seen anyone steal money from his/her family to spend outside but people steal from outside for the families, So, if we are the family police, family army, family president, how shall we steal. Most brothers and sisters are not having illicit sex with their immediate family members but they freely do it with others. Sexual immorality will decline when we return to
our families.

The world shall become a federation of good families and not a federation of states and nations. The United World Organization that will replace the United Nations shall be an organization of the Global  Family of Humankind Under God. God as the global parent will preside over the world and relationships that does not create families will have no place naturally.

Godism is a family centered model that all people are brothers and sisters under the parenthood of God and each person strives to become a parent like God. Do you think that men shall still marry men or
women will still marry women and remain without children? Can the present world order address issues like this as well as end corruption. A new world order is needed as rightly postulated by Iranian President that most of us have always seen as an enemy of the world. Whenever the truth is said, it does not matter who said it. We should admit that it is true. The UN General Assembly address by heads
of government should not focus on how “my nation” will not accept this or that but how “our nations” can work together and admit that what we have now is not good enough and we need a new world order.

Now that our ears and eyes are all open, the time to recreate the world is now. Let us thank the founding nations of the United Nations and the advocates of freedom of expression through democracy for the sacrifice they made. Now that we are together, and our voices are being heard freely, we all need to make new and higher sacrifices. The UN needs to become a United World Organization where each nation shall be an equal stakeholder and will be held responsible and accountable by its people and the global community. A few nations cannot insist on being the Security Councillors of the world. Each of us need to have a say in our security.

The moment of nation equality has arrived and only under the One God who sees us all as equal can we truly get the value that we have. Nations have different potentials and are placed in different locations and therefore not the same. Yet, despite national differences, we must admit that we are all equal. Two things may be different in form but can be equal in value. This is the way we have to move this world forward now. God does not want to see a few developed nations, but wants to see that all nations and people are fully developed. There shall be no superpowers and lesser powers. We must all come to the point of origin together and begin a new global race for goodness, peace and development. The origin is surely God and I believe that Goddocracy or Godism will take us there.

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