Re: Hold Suleja Emir responsible if Peace is breached …

Re: Hold Suleja Emir responsible if Peace is breached in the community on 2023 state assembly elections

By Musa Shuaibu

I read with great dismay the above publication by one faceless Awwal Usman against our highly respected Emir Mallam Muhammadu Awwal Ibrahim, the 8th Emir of Zazzau Suleja.

The publication was aimed at smearing and denting the hard earned reputation of a great personality Mallam Muhammadu Awwal Ibrahim, a two term governor of Niger State and the present Emir Of Zazzau Suleja.

However, I am not surprised why this cheap blackmail from the enemies of Zazzau Suleja is coming up now. I have expected this for a long time considering the strong stance our royal father who’s the custodian of our norms and values took against the destruction of suleja community by the present council chairman Hon Abdullahi Shuaibu Maje who’s an aspirant of the seat of member Niger State House of Assembly, representing Suleja constituency, and his accomplice Hon Abubakar Abdullahi Lado Suleja, the present member House Reps representing Suleja, Gurara and Tafa Federal Constituency.

The council chairman and the present member house representatives have connived and led the distortion of suleja township master plan and the illegal sells of land and government owned structures. Some of their shady deals are too numerous to mention. However, it’s worthy to note that they have successfully destroyed the master plan of IBB modern market Suleja through the selling of opened spaces and offices that are made available for the convenience of the market such as parking space, fire service unit, footpath gate passages among others. They have also succeeded in selling of the triangle round about by old post office against the order of the Niger State Urban Development Board. Government owned Abdullahi Bissallah Guesthouse was not also left of their selling mission. In fact, this guesthouse was sold to Hon Abubakar Abdullahi Lado Suleja, the current member House Representatives representing, Suleja, Tafa and Gurara Federal Constituency. This did not stop here, they have also sold out the old Suleja Minna Garage among many other places.

How do we expect any royal father to be happy with these destructions in his domain?

Let me state here that our Royal Father, Mallam Muhammadu Awwal Ibrahim, the Emir Of Zazzau Suleja is a peace loving man who promotes peaceful coexistence among all his subjects. However, he’s a highly principled that doesn’t condole destruction, abuse of office, abysmal disregard for lay down rules and regulations and corruption. Therefore, the general public should disregard this publication by one Awwal Usman in its entirety as it lacks any element of truth. I want to further reiterate that Mallam Muhammadu Awwal Ibrahim will not be deterred or subdued by this cheap blackmail. I know him to be a man of great courage and determination. I want to further encourage him not to relent on that. Equally, I want to assure him that many of my types are solidly behind him, and we are ready to go extra miles with him in defending the common wealth and properties of the people of Suleja for the overall interest of all.

Comrd. Musa Shuaibu
NO8, Suleja Street Bosso, Minna, Niger State.