Randy School Teacher Caught In The Act With13-Year Old Girl

By Gracia Obi
A randy teacher of Senior Secondary School in Morocco road Suleja, Mr. Abdul Yusuf aged 35 was recently caught pants down making love to a teenage girl, aged 13 in his bedroom.
Heaven was let loose when his student Rasheed Muhammed of the same school who came in to know when the teacher will commence an extra lesson with him, stumbled on an ugly sight of a man and a teenager making love right inside his bedroom.
According to Muhammed, knowing that the teenager is his mother’s best friend’s daughter, could not help the sight of the act screamed out, and attracted neighbours around.
He said on several occasions on his way to see the teacher for an assignment, he had always been confronted by the teenager who always said that teacher was not at home.
On that fateful day “I caught them pants down”, explaining to Newsdiaryonline that he walked into the room after knocking for several minutes not knowing that the door was unlocked.
“I saw them pants down, I ran out screaming, neighbours who were attracted to the ugly scene gave the teenager and the teacher a hot chase but he escaped,” Muhammed said.
An impeccable source disclosed that they have been seeing the little girl in and out of the teacher’s place, “we never envisaged that this responsible looking man could be doing this to a girl that is supposed to be his daughter”.
Unable to bear the slight, when the father of the teenage girl (names withheld)came back from work that evening , he headed to the Suleja Emirate Security and lodged the complaint.But on getting to the teacher’s place he was not at home.

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