Ramadan: Uba Sani tasks Nigerians, urges Buhari to start ‘genuine national conversation’

The Senator representing Kaduna Central, Uba Sani has called on Nigerians to use the Ramadan season to touch the lives of the less privileged, vulnerable, reflect on the problems plaguing the country and renew hope in a united and peaceful Nigeria.

The lawmaker, who asked Nigerian Muslims to uphold the spirit of the Ramadan by praying fervently for the nation, reasoned that such devotion opportunity couldn’t come a better time, given the current worrisome challenges of intra and inter-ethnic, religious relations and chart a genuine and enduring path to peace.

The Senator also tasked Nigerians to the Ramadan virtues of “self-discipline, tolerance, forgiveness, sacrifice, charity, perseverance and love for one another”. He noted that these same virtues “must be effectively applied in our personal conducts and interactions, in our families, communities and the nation large, to lessen and build a more harmonious and peaceful nation”.

“Our communities are in pain. They been the mercy of terrorists, , kidnappers and criminal elements. School children are targeted. are now in a dilemma whether to keep their wards in school or withdraw them. Farmers hardly go to their farms for fear of attacked. insecurity looms. Inter-state travel is now a nighmatish experience. But the most worrisome now is the activities of terrorists, insurrectionists and separatists keen on orchestrating another civil war in Nigeria. Their activities, if not checked, may undermine national unity and take our dear country fifty years backward”, Senator Uba warned.

He explained that “Nigeria and its people come a long way, our people across tribes and religions no serious issues with each . They been victims of manipulators and conflict entrepreneurs. Our people are only interested in the basic things of life. They derive no pleasure from confusion and conflicts”.

He then urged President Muhammadu Buhari to up the ante of government’s moves to stabilize the nation by initiating what the lawmaker described as genuine national conversation. His words: “I urge our President, Muhammadu Buhari to initiate a genuine national conversation in order to address the key problems of the country and assuage the feelings of different nationalities. The President has a good template to work with, which is the Report of the Governor Elrufai APC Committee on Restructuring”.

Turning to his constituents, the lawmaker wished them a glorious Ramadan. He also urged them to “remain tolerant and understanding”, but “most importantly, be prayerful”. assuring them of his commitment to the improvement of their living conditions, he prayed that “the spirit of Ramadan stays in our hearts and illuminate our souls”.