Ramadan: Cleric admonish Muslims to seek knowledge

Sheikh Abdullahi Garba, an Islamic Cleric, has urged Muslims to seek for knowledge in order to help and guide them in providing solutions to their personal and societal problems.

Garba gave the advice at the Annual Ramadan Lecture on “Islam: The Solution to Problems of Humanity’’, organised by Afemai Islamic Movement (AIM) in Abuja on Sunday.

He explained that Islam as a religion had covered all aspects of life hence the need for all Muslims to search for knowledge that would help them to carry out their daily activities in life.
According to him, Islam teaches sciences and technologies, as all these are clearly stated in the holy Qur’an.
“The first revelation to the Prophet Muhammad is about knowledge, ‘Iqra’ which means Read, this has encouraged us to study and learn.
“Qur’an has taught us everything on what should be done to benefit the entire humanity therefore we need to seek for knowledge to get acquainted to most of these things which will be helpful to us or give us comfort.
“Islam is a complete way of life and the Islamic preachers need to embark on beautiful preaching that will bring people to the religion not by using harsh words,” he said.
Garba enjoined Nigerian youths to seek for knowledge and desist from any act of violence because Islam is a religion of peace. (NAN)

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