Ramadan: Cash crunch is hard on indigent Nigerians–Cleric appeals to FG

By Fatima Mohammed-Lawal

Prof Nasir Abdus-Salam, the Chief Imam of the University of Ilorin (Unilorin), on Sunday appealed to the Federal Government to ease the hardship the ordinary Nigerians are going exercerbated by the naira redesign policy.

Abdus-salaam made the call in Ilorin while giving the Annual Ramadan Lecture organised by Igbomina/Ekiti Muslim Forum, Ilorin.

He observed that the naira crunch caused by the naira redesign policy has contributed to crumbling of small scale businesses.

He said people don’t have the cash flow to sustain their ventures and small scale business, adding that business are crumbling down.

The cleric who is also a Professor of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry at Unilorin, submitted that Ramadan is an Islamic holy month dedicated to fasting and worship of Almighty Allah.

He added that it is also a period of giving and reaching out to the less privileged and indigent in our society, adding that people are however finding it difficult to survive in the present condition.

He described the holy month as the bedrock of the act of worship in Islam, as Muslims learn piety and obedience to Almighty Allah.

“It is a month of abstaining from food, drinks, among other injunctions, dedicated to God. When you feel the pants of hunger, you will be reminded that there are some people who cannot afford food,” he said.

Abdus-Salam explained that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent with divine messages through the Arch Angel Jubril.

He added that the idolators of Makkah could not harm him, irrespective of their attempt to ridicule and harm him.

According to him, man must be conscious of Almighty Allah at all times and reflect on many miracles of the omniscient creator such as hard rocks that brings water for the use of man.

However, Prof. Mikhail Aremu, the Provost, College of Education, Oro, called on Nigerians, particularly Muslims, to be patient and steadfast with every condition they found themselves.

He observed that though the situation in the country is telling hard on Nigerians, it is however without some certain benefits such as bringing down the level of insecurity aggravated by banditry and kidnapping.

Aremu therefore enjoined Muslims to always put their trust and hope in Almighty Allah.

Earlier, Alhaji Nasiru Ibrahim, the President of the forum, stated that the programme is an Annual Ramadan Lecture organised to benefit the Muslim Ummah resident in Ilorin and environs.

According to him, the Igbomina and Ekiti Muslim communities have been a community that became strong despite the adversity and challenges of intolerance they face as a religious minority.

He however explained that this has made them more unified as they identify and cooperate in helping their communities in the area of scholarships in education, welfare, job creation and Islamic religious enlightenment. (NAN)