Publisher urges youths to insist on good governance

Mr Sam Nda-Isaiah, the Chairman of the Leadership Group, says Nigerians should insist on the calibre of leaders they want by participating well in leadership recruitment process.

He spoke on Saturday in Abuja at a national youth leadership forum organised by the Nigeria Solution Group, led by its president, Mr Ekpa Stanley-Ekpa.

“For meaningful development to take place in Nigeria, we must all pay attention to what is happening in different states.

“Because you are not interested in politics does not mean that politics will not be interested in you; you will be affected by political decisions; good or bad,’’ he said.

He observed that Nigeria would continue to be progress if citizens worked and encouraged leaders to work by insisting on good governance, justice and fairness.

“The kind of people we elect to be governors and even local government chairmen have become critical at this point,’’ he noted.

In his speech, Stanley-Ekpa, said the Nigeria Solution Group had numerous members across the country who were mainly youths.

He said the purpose of the conference was to bring unity among the Nigerian youths and prepare them for leadership roles.

“We want to mobilise the youths to participate in governance by bringing together youths from all youth organisations in the country and encourage them to be active in leadership roles.”

He, however, noted that the youths faced several challenges such as age limit and cost of governance in aspiring to leadership positions.

He called on the government at all levels to address these impediments to youths participation in politics for the nation’s development.(NAN)