Public Offices Holders Fueling Volatile Security Situation – PPA Boss

PPA LogoThe of the Progressive Peoples Alliance, Chief Sam Nkire, accused public office holders of fueling the volatile security situation in the country by their unreserved display of ill-gotten wealth from their places of work.

Nkire expressed this opinion as part of his Easter message to Nigerians.

The PPA bemoaned the activities of some governors, senators, ministers, chief executives and civil servants who bought off every available property on sale in country only to return home at occasions such Easter with a few bags of rice and cartons of vegetable oil to pacify their miserable constituents.

Nkire said people occupying government positions must stop playing father christmas with people’s money but rather pursue policies which could provide enabling environment for people to work to put on their tables instead of waiting for occasional hand-outs from an politician or office holder.

The PPA boss reminded Nigerians the period of Easter symbolised freedom for mankind and therefore urged Nigerians to challenge leaders who took them back to the days of slavery through impunity, greed and corruption.

He said unless Nigerians got interested and involved in the affairs of government by holding officials accountable, government officials would continue to impoverish them through stealing.

Nkire told Nigerians not to rely on prayer alone in order to reduce the high level of corruption in the land but to take action.

According to him: “To work is to pray.”

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