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PRP opposes Nigeria’s involvement in Niger Republic’s political impasse

By Afusat Agunbiade-Oladipo

The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) has advised against Nigeria’s involvement in the planned military intervention in Niger Republic’s political impasse.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin, on Friday, the National Legal Adviser of the PRP, Prof. Mahmood Aliyu, however, welcomed political involvement of ECOWAS, saying that the development should not be a priority of Nigeria as a country.

He said that Nigeria has a myriad of challenges bedevilling her and which needed urgent attention rather than wasting resources on foreign mission.

“We’ve not been able to take care of our own security issues adequately. What wisdom do we have to wage war against our neighbour?

“Honestly from my mind, I’m completely against it. It’s morally, economically and spiritually wrong.

“If this question was asked on the first day, what I would say is that is not supposed to be our priority as a country. But if it’s ECOWAS, it’s ok. The matter has even taken political and ethnic dimensions.

“Last week, bandits raided one village in Niger state and kidnapped some of the villagers.

“Four of my kinsmen were among the victims. And that threats is all over that place every now and then. Villages have been sacked. The villagers sent away.

“In some villages, the villagers are asked to pay money to the bandits before bandits could allow them to work on their farms,” he said.

Aliyu also criticised reasons for providing palliative as a result of pains occasioned by the fuel subsidy removal by the Federal Government.

He stressed that successive administrations in the country have been telling masses to fasten their seat belts without accruing benefits.

“Palliative is not the answer to Nigerians’ problem. Nigerians are being insulted by palliative measures.

“I don’t cherish palliative. Let the masses have access to good life. Government at all levels should create enabling environment for job creation to make citizens self reliant.

“Having job to do is the best form of palliative that government can give to the masses,” Aliyu said.

The PRP national legal adviser urged Nigerians to rededicate themselves to the goal of promoting the indivisible unity, unfettered progress and democratic rebirth of the country.

This, according to him, “requires personal and collective sacrifices as well as development of organisational structures that are essential for the delivery of these ideals”.

He called for the need of new crop of leaders who are patriotic, have the fear of God, selfless, and have the interest of the masses deep right in their hearts to champion the socialist rebirth of the nation as being canvassed for by the PRP. (NAN)

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