Provinces in China’s central region unveil road maps for high-quality development

The provinces of Shanxi, Anhui, Jiangxi, Henan, Hubei and Hunan in China’s central region  have unveiled  road maps for high-quality development.

This is contained in a report by  Shanghai Securities News on  Tuesday.

With manufacturing development as a focus, Henan would upgrade traditional industries like traditional manufacturing, food processing, light textiles, chemicals, automobiles with technologies, and expedite the cultivation of intelligent terminals.

New materials, new energy and other strategic emerging industries, with the goal of forming a batch of emerging industrial clusters of each, worth a hundred billion yuan.

As an important grain production base of China, Henan would also improve irrigation and water conservancy facilities, enhance disaster resistance of crops by relying on the National Innovation Centre for Bio-breeding Industry in the province, to ensure grain output exceeding 65 billion kilograms.

Hunan would strive to forge five industries of each  worth a trillion yuan, 20 industries of each worth 100 billion yuan, five enterprises of each worth 100 billion yuan and 1,000 major technological innovation products.

It would also Improve the innovation abilities of 100 parks, with the aim to build an important national advanced manufacturing highland.

While Jiangxi proposed to foster two industries,  realising a main business revenue of a trillion yuan, six industries each realising a business revenue of 500 billion yuan, and develop a number of advantageous industries each worth 100 billion yuan.

It would focus on developing aviation, electronic information, equipment manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine, new energy and new materials.

Anhui on it own, would promote the construction of centralised areas for major national scientific installations at a high level, strengthen research on key core technologies such as advanced energy storage, hydrogen energy, carbon capture, utilisation and storage.

It would strive to make breakthroughs in a number of key core technologies that are green and low-carbon, aiming to become an influential source of scientific and technological innovation.

Hubei would also focus on building a science and technology innovation center with national influence.

Shanxi said it would deepen reform of the management system for science and technology, build national laboratory, big science installation, national super-computing center, new research and development institutions, and make innovations in the mechanism for commercialising scientific and technological advances.

As a major energy province, Shanxi would also deepen trials for comprehensive reform of the energy revolution, achieve breakthroughs in carbon dioxide capture, utilisation, storage technologies, and fully involve in the national carbon emission trading market. (Xinhua/NAN)