Promoting Security Consciousness against Terrorism, By Moshood Isah

are just in the third month of the year and the most challenging development to our nationhood is the issues bordering on security. From armed robbery, kidnapping, ’s attacks on farmlands and villagers, rustlers’ gangsterism and not to talk of the of all criminality which is terrorism by insurgents. While most cynical critics of the Nigerian armed forces might shower encomiums on the security’s recent accomplishments in cracking down on the insurgents, especially in the Northeastern parts of the country, there is more to be done by the citizens.
The real cheering news in the recent time is the disclosure by the Director, Defence Information (DDI), Major-General Chris Olukolade that many suspected terrorists captured from their various camps in the fringes of Lake Chad by the Multi-National Joint Task Force and other locations around Dikwa, Cross Kauwa, Kukawa and Alargarmo.
Reports have also indicated that many terrorists either killed or arrested by a combined force of Nigerian security on a special operation while raiding Sambisa forest, which is the insurgents’ camp in Borno State. The military has also being successful in continuous tactical offensive air raid on various camps of the insurgents like the Alagarno and Ajiri satellite camps. As a matter of fact, a large chunk of the wounded terrorists are pleading for mercy and as such divulging relevant information with regard to the reminiscent of their forces. Even though it is believed that most of the camps of the insurgents have been disbanded following starvation and incessant bombardment, thus inability to fulfill their sinister mission, the security are not resting on their laurels in making sure that insurgency comes to a complete end.
The herculean task of combating insurgency in the country have diverted the mind of service chiefs and defence headquarters from other security issues in the country. There is the ongoing bloody clash between native Tivs and Fulani in Benue State which has assumed a phenomenal status with trail pools of blood of casualties on both sides. The crisis in Benue began in February 2011, where armed Fulani , numbering between 200 and 500, sacked three districts in Gwer West Local Government Area of the state, with scores dead and about 20,000 people rendered homeless. According to media report, the operation was akin to invasion of the State by members of insurgents. Basically, it starts with a Fulani herdsman or driving their cattle into crop farms to graze. The farmers, in order to protect their crops, farms and livelihood, attack the Fulani or attempt to chase them away. The Fulani retaliate by opening fire or violently defending their cows by killing or maiming the farmers. The conflict escalates as the Fulani migrate from that scene to yet another.

The lives that has been terminated as a result of what seem to be a trivial issue is increasing in geometric progression almost on a daily basis. The recent reports indicate another pattern in Katsina State in the -West where innocent lives also lost.
In as much as the security are mandated to protect the citizens from criminals and fight terrorists, the citizens too have roles to be in assisting law enforcement by being security conscious.
should always be security conscious. The recent radio jingle in some selected radio station by I-Nigerian Renaissance initiative is a welcome development on the basic tips in avoiding insecurity in our various communities. The relevant institutions and media should educate the populace on the need to be security conscious always. There is need to be vigilant and report any strange movement or development to the security agents. It is a known fact that, marauders take time to lay siege after their surveillance before they wreak havoc in our communities. As residents of our areas, have the responsibility to identify a stranger or any strange object within and around our environment and report such immediately to the relevant authorities.
With the current security situation in the country, security consciousness is not limited to only northeastern states but every state of the federation. This is due to the fact; the recent crackdown of insurgents in the northeast force their relocation to other states and possible regrouping for their dastard activities. Security consciousness is not aimed at sending panic to the spines of populace but simply ginger the need for everyone to be alert at all time. There is also a new trend of threat in most states whereby undesirable elements lure children with small things like sweets or biscuits in order to kidnap them. Those are some of the reason have to be mindful of the people entrust with our children. A stitch in time saves nine just as prevention is better than cure. Therefore all be security conscious.

Moshood Isah
Garki, Abuja.
[email protected]

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